Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 is almost history. It has been an amazing year, fast, extremely fast, yet amazing.

The year started off with the very early birth of our first and only GRAND baby. He was early but strong enough that he did not even need oxygen.

He has been a true joy every single day since his birth. We love you Riley.

Now, I sit at my trusty eMachine, thinking. We have so much. Things not necessarily new this year but things we never thought we would have, ever.

King Size bed
Car with a moon roof
Old desktop
Cell phones
New couch and lounger
Nice brick home
No debt except nice brick home
Dish Network TV
Digital Camera

Stuff, for sure, but luxuries, too.

The priceless stuff is, well, priceless.

Hubbie, 42 years
Three grown kiddos
Two married into our family kiddos
GRAND baby, did I mention this already, I repeat myself sometimes, you know ;)

Stable job for Hubbie
Retired early because of an on the job injury, but RETIRED!
Holy Spirit
Sure eternity
Free Country
Our own teeth

There are things I would still like to have, a visit from PCH van or is it an SUV now? Hubbie retired, new kitchen floor, some are dreams, some are possibilities. But, it's not a time, today, to think of the withouts of life.

I am dwelling on the withs of life (spellcheck tricker? teehee).

Today, I was able to give a blessing to a young mother. She wanted a Cannon Rebel camera. Someone gave me one to give to her. I delivered it. She was excited. I was blessed by participating.

I have another prospect for my home biz team.

No one in our family has cancer.

2009 is almost over, only a few more hours now, it's gone in some parts of the world.

It was a very fast, whirlwind year and we are looking forward to 2010!

Happy New Year!

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