Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is a day that changed our Country so many years ago. It is the day that Japan bombed and destroyed Pearl Harbor, killing thousands of Americans. It is what caused America to join World War 2. It was before I was born so I have no memory of it.

My father, father-in-law, uncle, grandfathers and many other male relatives fought in that war. Thankfully, they all survived to return home.

There is a man in our church that fought in the great battles of Europe. He fought in Africa, moving north to D-Day and on to liberate France. He has amazing stories.

One of them is after D-Day. His unit was settled down for the night. The officers were around one camp fire and the enlisted men were gathered in another area around another fire. An officer, stood up, walked to the edge of the ground that was lit up by the fire to relieve himself.

Suddenly there was a shot that rang out from the darkness. The officer was shot. My friend, looked up, saw where the rifle fire came from, picked up his gun and fired back. There was a thump on the ground.

When the men ran to the officer, he was already dead. When they went into the darkness to see who shot the officer, there laying on the ground was a dead German woman. She had been in the trees, waiting to kill someone, anyone. She did but my friend killed her. He felt bad about that for years because she was a woman.

I told him, no, she was the enemy and she would have easily killed you if she would have had the chance. He seemed better about it. His stories will make your mouth drop! He survived it all to return, too.

America always has had brave young men willing to fight for their country. The story continues today. We have an all volunteer military and still they fight on for victory.

So on this day of death and war I want to salute and praise our brave young men and women of today. You have a wonderful legacy but you are the legacy of tomorrow. Fight on. Live. Return safely. You are all great Americans just as the men that fought all those many years ago today, remember Pearl Harbor Day.

God bless you!!

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