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Sorta.....not really but the no housework, etc., appeals to every woman!

Friday, December 27, 2013


Is that a real word? 
Anywho, it's a goin' on!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


This Christmas, sick is the word for our house.

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Christmas is here.  Several have mentioned how much there seems to need to be done this year over past years.  It is a bit sad that we are overloaded and miss the true reason for the season. 
Here is an example of two houses in TN. 

Brilliant, both in thought and deed.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Friday, December 20, 2013


It's that time of year again.  I love Christmas, the gifts, the tree, the gifts, the food, the gifts, the family, the gifts, etc.

The Hubbie is hard to buy for as usual.  He doesn't know what he wants so I don't know what to buy him.  I do have a couple of small gifts but they are small gifts.  He may get money again.  Guess that's better than getting him something he will laugh at, you know.

Me, on the other hand, can find all kinds of things that I like, for example:

and I LOVE this!

rats.....not uploading....back later
Let's see if it works now...
as I said, I LOVE THIS!  May order it for myself.....hahahahahahah

and this!

Good food is always a go!

See what I mean....I can find lots of stuff for me for Christmas....hummm.....maybe I should put myself on my list!


Thursday, December 19, 2013


Well, yep, the Internet, radio, TV, Twitter, etc., are all a buzz about A&E suspending the Dad of the very popular show, Duck Dynasty.
Personally, I think it was a set up.  Libs do this to conservatives all the time!  Ask them a controversial question, get their honest answer, trap them and then explode the communication world in an effort to harm them or even keep people from winning elections.  Think about it.
So far today, this is the results of the MSN dot com poll, remember, it is only 3:00 PM Central time.

 Should A&E have suspended Phil Robertson from 'Duck Dynasty'?
15% Yes; his comments were inappropriate.   74,979 votes
83% No; he is entitled to have an opinion.     424,587 votes
2% I'm not sure.                                                10,293 votes
I have friends that are in same sex relationships.  I do not agree with it but they are still my friends.  There are things I do they do not agree with, still they are my friends.  When I was working, the nicest men were the men that were homosexuals.  They love women and want to be just like them.  They just don't want to have sex with them.
I am not God.  I am told in Scripture to NOT judge people.  I stopped throwing stones many moons ago! 
Still Phil has stated his opinion.  He has that right in this Country.  He should not be expelled from the show for answering a question honestly.
I hope two things....
Phil does NOT apologize for answering honestly.
This is NOT a publicity stunt on the part of A&E.
Either way, A&E made a big big mistake.
My opinion.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Things to buy, use or wear a size larger:
Crochet hook....if you use a size larger hook than the pattern calls for, the stitch will be looser.  This is a tip from Dinah.
Next size up Panty hose....life is too short to be uncomfortable.....nobody wears these in the summer in Dixie, fyi.
Underwear....the next size up will stay put.
Coffee mugs......the extra room will allow stiring space without spilling contents.
Sweats....just in case The Hubbie dries them too long in the dryer.
Cleaning rags.....cover more area with one swipe.
Combs, brushes.....makes grooming faster and hair fluffier.
Tea glasses.....never big enough if you live in Dixie.
That is all for today.  Over and out.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Last week I received an email to sign up for a website.  I was given one $10 credit.  I used the credit for a new pair of shoes with free shipping!  This is a great place to get good deals for quality products!  Sign up today and you can get in on the action.
This is the website link: 
The company is Beyond the Rack. 
I'm hooked.
This is not a scam nor is it a trap.  It's legit and has some really cute things on it to buy!  These are the shoes that I bought.

They were free!  No tax, no shipping with my $10 credit, $.01 balance to my new account.  PLUS, an email arrived this morning saying they are already shipped!  Order was placed this past Sunday night!  Win win.
Yeah, they're shiny.  I'm breaking out of my old grandmother ways!  Woohoo!  Second childhood here I come.  Oh wait, I'm already there!  Now to dress the part...
Merry Christmas to Me!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Today is Monday and nothing will upload onto this blog for some reason.  Maybe because it's Monday?  I don't know.
Any who....
There is a party at the local steakhouse for one of the Sunday School Classes so I'm going.  It's a lunch party.
This should be fun.
Forget about uploading.
Time to play.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Yes, it is true.  There is such a thing a mystery shopping.  How do I know?  Because I are one, as we say in Dixie.  No, we are not barefoot and prego.  Yes, most of us have our own teeth and we do not borrow each others'. 
In 2001, I started mystery shopping.  I am selective about the jobs I accept.  I do not buy alcohol or tobacco.  I do not lie when I am shopping.  I do not reveal to one mystery shopping company what I do for another mystery shopping company.  I enjoy shopping although the reports can be mind blowingly long at times. 
Never ever pay for a list of shopping companies.  It is a total scam. 
The best way is to register, register, register with as many companies you can find and then wait.  They will contact you if you meet the specifics of what the company needs. 
This is a scheduling resource.  I do not know if you can register with them or not but they do handle several companies at once.  sassie dot com.
You need to have a PayPal account because many of the companies pay by direct deposit into PayPal since a paper check is more expensive.
Some times the pay is great, some times, not so great but you can get your foot in the door by accepting all the shops you can at first.
Well, you got it, time to go scope out a shop.  Later gator.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


There is an old saying.....
One man's trash is another man's treasure
recycling as it is called today.
I've been looking for ways to make things without buying them.  This is a cute idea for patio furniture:

You can tell what is made out of, pallets and some paint.
Here is another idea:

This is made from a use to be trampoline.

These snowmen are from old landscape timbers.  Cute, don't you think?
The best way to save money is not spend money.  Finding things for free to make into useful crafts or furniture is a great idea!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


These are some great tips from our guest blogger, Dinah from
These are very good and very inexpensive.  Think of the possibilities!
I have a money saving tip for you.  A couple of years ago on a blog I saw where the blogger would buy fabric, tea dye it and tear it into strips and use it instead of ribbon.  For Christmas 2 years ago I bought red and white small checked fabric, did a coffee dye to age the white a bit and use it like ribbon...I’ve tied it around candles, bells, packages, gift bags...it looks great and is cheap if you buy it at Walmart...a lot cheaper than ribbon.
For fall I bought a black and white check—didn’t dye it, and solid orange ( I wanted an orange and white check but they didn’t have any)...put those tog and tied it around candles and on some fall banners/garlands I made...a yard of fabric goes a long, long way.
It’s nice if you like a country or primitive style look...goes nice on those craft gift bags...
When I got mine at Walmart at mom’s house it was only $2 a yard...it’s gone up since but still cheap, cheaper than ribbon...
You can get those packages of the largish silver bells at Dollar Tree, tie the red and white ribbon through the little hanging part and put several in a saucer or bowl and they look pretty. 
I put the red and white around one of those all white Catholic candles which was only a dollar and it looks so good...
Another thing you can do is take red yarn and crochet a mini-scarf and tie it around stuff...I have one tied around a dog that sits on my shelf...it makes him look festive.
You just chain the length you want, then do a couple of rows of single crochet, tie off, add fringe on the ends...it’s cute tied on the handle of a gift bag too.
Dollar General had Christmas card garland for a dollar...twine with small red felt mittens or green trees...you hang it and use the tiny clothespins behind the mittens/trees to clip your Christmas cards you get in the mail...really cute.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Today it is cold and wet in Dixie.  It's so damp that the water on my little zoom zoom was still on the car, over night, in the garage!!!  Now, that's cold and wet.  We are having January weather that started in November.
Are you ready for Christmas?  Have you noticed that the words Merry Christmas are totally missing from the TV this season?  I've not heard it one time in one commercial or on one program.  Every thing is Happy Holidays. 
What is your opinion about saying Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas? 
My opinion is when someone wishes me HH, I say Merry Christmas back.  It's happened at the local WM a couple of times.  Guess they've been given the word to not say those words.

Will you join me and say Merry Christmas?

Friday, December 6, 2013


We met our younger son at the nearby bigger town for a Tgiving dinner at Piccadilly with his long time girlfriend.
Here they are:


You can figure it out.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


It is suppose to be 75 degrees in Dixie today. 
Hard to get into the Christmas Spirit but I saw this on Facebook this morning.   Check it out.
These men are amazing!  Their videos are inspiring!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I shop at a near by Publix on Wednesday.  Why?  Because I get the senior, aka old lady discount.  Today was interesting.
As I was standing in the check out line, I noticed the Mentos had a tag BOGO free.  I also had a $.40 off coupon.  The cashier scanned it and it showed full price.  I was watching the register so caught it. 
She stopped what she was doing, stepped out into her aisle to look at the offer.
It was from last week.
Bummer, I thought.
She then proceeded to scan the item, delete the cost, delete the coupon and the double coupon, rescanned it as a free item PLUS the coupon at a double price!
So I left the store with the Mentos for free and an additional $.80 off my grocery total!  Someone forgot to pull the tags on the checkout lanes from the sales price last week.  Still Publix honored it!
My total for shopping today with store deals, coupons, the freebie, the old lady discount was $16.75.  The total saved, aka not spent was $17.06.
Ding, ding, win, win!
When I made it to the house, I called about a medical lab bill that I am not responsible for paying.  It is for over $200.00!!!  I was told to disregard that there is a problem with the coding.
So, the moral of this story/post is watch it and never pay for what you do not owe even if it's just on a bottle of Mentos.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Years ago, I went dumpster diving.  Not into a trashy trash dumpster but into one behind a near by carpet company.  The company had thrown away several huge books of sample carpets.  Remember those?  Maybe they still exist and you can ask for them for free.
I was able to get enough that covered the floor of my young son's bedroom floor.  It looked like a huge patchwork quilt.  Didn't attach it to the floor, nope, attached it to an indoor outdoor carpet that was available, cut to the size of the room.
So, if you are young enough, brave enough and desperate enough, go dumpster diving.  Check with the owner of the dumpster first just to be on the safe side legally.  Or go after hours, grin. 
You will get free stuff but it is still a dumpster. 
Maybe pick out one of those recycling deals where everything in it is suppose to be paper.  It would be awful to come out smelling like garbage.
Or do like I did years ago, pick out a retail store that doesn't have goopy garbage in their dumpster and dive away!    Okay, I'm done.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Here is a list of the few things I do to make extra money for myself and my family:
Mystery shopping - started in 2001; prove yourself, be honest and you can get assignments in your Inbox.  You must be willing to do the report, which varies in length.  The drawback is if you do not do the required steps for the shop, you will not get paid.
Selling metal - there is a metal recycling plant in our little town that accepts everything from old cars to empty drink cans.  The drawback is having enough metal so I go when I have a load to sell.
Couponing - if you read this blog, you've seen how this works.  I am NOT an extreme coupon er but I do have a weekly goal of saving 50% on groceries, etc.  The drawback is having a coupon for weekly items and taking the time to work them, clipping, organizing, etc.
Thrift stores - we needed two ugly sweaters for a Christmas party, I found two for $1 each.  The drawback is most of it is used, rarely do you find something with the tags still on the item.
TV - yeah, watch TV.  I learn so much from shows like What Not to Wear, wish I could have been on that show before it quit. 
Internet - youtube dot com has all kinds of money saving, craft making, learn to diy videos that can really help save cash so you keep cash.
Banking - for years we banked at the big green bike bank until it got too big for it's britches.  We went across the street to a local bank and opened two accounts.  We are paid interest on our balance each month plus can get free gifts from points we accumulate.  Win, win.  I love the fact that the bank people know me, some call me by name. 
Consignment shop - finally found an honest consignment shop owner.  I have been ripped off by the other two.  Not making a load of cash but making some.  Why not sell stuff we are not using?!
Ebay - this takes time, requires stuff but is an easy way to downsize plus put money in the cash jar. 
Time to go do a shop.