Tuesday, December 10, 2013


These are some great tips from our guest blogger, Dinah from
These are very good and very inexpensive.  Think of the possibilities!
I have a money saving tip for you.  A couple of years ago on a blog I saw where the blogger would buy fabric, tea dye it and tear it into strips and use it instead of ribbon.  For Christmas 2 years ago I bought red and white small checked fabric, did a coffee dye to age the white a bit and use it like ribbon...I’ve tied it around candles, bells, packages, gift bags...it looks great and is cheap if you buy it at Walmart...a lot cheaper than ribbon.
For fall I bought a black and white check—didn’t dye it, and solid orange ( I wanted an orange and white check but they didn’t have any)...put those tog and tied it around candles and on some fall banners/garlands I made...a yard of fabric goes a long, long way.
It’s nice if you like a country or primitive style look...goes nice on those craft gift bags...
When I got mine at Walmart at mom’s house it was only $2 a yard...it’s gone up since but still cheap, cheaper than ribbon...
You can get those packages of the largish silver bells at Dollar Tree, tie the red and white ribbon through the little hanging part and put several in a saucer or bowl and they look pretty. 
I put the red and white around one of those all white Catholic candles which was only a dollar and it looks so good...
Another thing you can do is take red yarn and crochet a mini-scarf and tie it around stuff...I have one tied around a dog that sits on my shelf...it makes him look festive.
You just chain the length you want, then do a couple of rows of single crochet, tie off, add fringe on the ends...it’s cute tied on the handle of a gift bag too.
Dollar General had Christmas card garland for a dollar...twine with small red felt mittens or green trees...you hang it and use the tiny clothespins behind the mittens/trees to clip your Christmas cards you get in the mail...really cute.

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