Monday, December 9, 2013


Today it is cold and wet in Dixie.  It's so damp that the water on my little zoom zoom was still on the car, over night, in the garage!!!  Now, that's cold and wet.  We are having January weather that started in November.
Are you ready for Christmas?  Have you noticed that the words Merry Christmas are totally missing from the TV this season?  I've not heard it one time in one commercial or on one program.  Every thing is Happy Holidays. 
What is your opinion about saying Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas? 
My opinion is when someone wishes me HH, I say Merry Christmas back.  It's happened at the local WM a couple of times.  Guess they've been given the word to not say those words.

Will you join me and say Merry Christmas?

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