Thursday, December 19, 2013


Well, yep, the Internet, radio, TV, Twitter, etc., are all a buzz about A&E suspending the Dad of the very popular show, Duck Dynasty.
Personally, I think it was a set up.  Libs do this to conservatives all the time!  Ask them a controversial question, get their honest answer, trap them and then explode the communication world in an effort to harm them or even keep people from winning elections.  Think about it.
So far today, this is the results of the MSN dot com poll, remember, it is only 3:00 PM Central time.

 Should A&E have suspended Phil Robertson from 'Duck Dynasty'?
15% Yes; his comments were inappropriate.   74,979 votes
83% No; he is entitled to have an opinion.     424,587 votes
2% I'm not sure.                                                10,293 votes
I have friends that are in same sex relationships.  I do not agree with it but they are still my friends.  There are things I do they do not agree with, still they are my friends.  When I was working, the nicest men were the men that were homosexuals.  They love women and want to be just like them.  They just don't want to have sex with them.
I am not God.  I am told in Scripture to NOT judge people.  I stopped throwing stones many moons ago! 
Still Phil has stated his opinion.  He has that right in this Country.  He should not be expelled from the show for answering a question honestly.
I hope two things....
Phil does NOT apologize for answering honestly.
This is NOT a publicity stunt on the part of A&E.
Either way, A&E made a big big mistake.
My opinion.

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