Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Years ago, a lady from at our church was very sweet to share some Iris bulbs from her yard.  They grew for years then two years ago, they 'broke out' in some kind of mildew.  So, we dug them all up but two twigs, thinking they were done.  Now, two years later....tada:

Now I am sharing these with others knowing they are easy to grow and will be enjoyed by them, too.

Sharing flowers are a great free source of sharing God's creation.

Yes, I know I blogged about these a few days ago but thought it would be a good money saving tip for this Tuesday!  Plus now you know the story of these beautiful flowers.

Monday, May 28, 2012



Thursday, May 24, 2012


Working too much this week.  No time to blog so enjoy the flowers from my mailbox garden.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sounds silly, doesn't it, but sometimes spending a little money in the beginning will save more money in the long run.  Confused?  No need to be, pretty simple plan.

We have had cable internet for several years now.  We tried the dial up but some things can not be seen on dial up so we switched.  At the start, the rates were really low, of course, but over the years have climbed.  We did have the bundle but have dropped the phone, saving even more money and we went with Majic Jack which is working nicely.

The most recent cutback is purchasing a cable modem online to switch out the company's cable modem.  At the present, we are 'renting' their modem for $7 a month, I think.  To purchase our own was about $25.  Do the math and yes, we will pay for it in less than four months, reducing our cable bill by that rental fee forever, well, as long as we have cable internet.  Time will tell on that one.

Think about it, why rent when you can own your own equipment.  

Monday, May 21, 2012


Here's a pic of my toenails after my first ever pedicure.

My SIL took me for my pedicure.  I loved it!  It was so much fun!  I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing when the guy hit my tickle spot...on my feet, People.  Almost jumped out of the chair!

The man that did my pedicure was from VietNam or somewhere, didn't ask, had a hard time understanding his accent so didn't push it.  I was surprised that he had muscles and broad shoulders for the size of his frame.  I asked him if he worked out, yeah SIL thought that was funny, any who, he said no, ten years of pedicures.

Who knew?!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yes, this is almost Friday but seems like Monday.  I did not post any thing on Wordee Wednesday or other days for that matter, we were out of pocket, having fun!

Do you like fortune cookies?  I don't so much to eat the cookie itself but the fortunes inside are usually pretty interesting.  Here are a few that I have been saving:

You will conquer obstacles to achieve success.
You will continue to take chances and be glad you did.


You will travel to many exotic places.

Okee dokee then...that's some good news....life continues!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We were out of town for several days and are back now, a day early, boo.

Our only daughter and only SIL were going to fly me on a jet plane to their house for the Mother Day weekend and a few days after that weekend.  Since The Hubbie was out of work, I suggested we both go and drive.  It worked, we left Friday, returned today but were not suppose to come back till tomorrow.  There was a scheduling mix-up, boohoo.  We're home, unpacked the car, watching TV, I now be blogging!

We ate out lots, she took me to her beauty salon for highlights in my hair, first time ever in my life!!  SIL took me to a local nail salon for a pedicure, first time ever in my life!!!  They treated me so nice and I loved it, helps the self image, feeling valued, pampered, days of fun, going, doing!!  

Maybe I should post some pics?!  I came home with new hair, glowing toenails, a flashy green purse, a new antique necklace, a new dress, two pants outfits, pretty white cover up from Hamrick's, stuff to Ebay, stuff to share with the GRANDS, a new/old suitcase nicer than one I've ever had plus more!

While we were there, we got to help decorate the nursery for the soon to be GRAND daughter from China!  

Plus we had an early Happy 65th Birthday party for The Hubbie, decided to have it there and a family dinner here closer to the actual date.  He was totally surprised.  We reconnected with friends, from long ago and some we saw just last year, great day and fun!!

It was a great few days but went by way too fast!  It's wonderful to visit relatives and feel like you've been on a real vacation!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tried to embed this but you have to go to youtube to watch it, so here's the link.....


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Some of the things I post on Wednesday are from other websites, fortune cookies or pinterest.  Some of the posts are original but rarely.  Guess you could call this a Dixie disclaimer.  ;)

Yes, I know wordee is spelled wrong.  I like it that way because so many other bloggers choose to have a wordless Wednesday.  I am swimming against the flow and going for words, using the wordee to catch the eye.  Maybe that's another Dixie disclaimer aka excuse.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today's tip for saving money is to buy REAL gasoline for all of your cars or trucks!  I've posted about this before but this is a bit more information for my readers.

A couple of weeks ago, I filled up my little zoom zoom and saw this....

YES, I gasped and did a second look.  I laughed out loud because I thought it was 3,562, wrong, it was only $35.62, breathe deeply.

For several months now, we have been buying our car gas here because it is 100% gasoline.....

The gas mileage on both of our cars has increased!!!  We drive more miles for less gas because we get more miles out of a gallon!  If you are buying  fuel with ethanol, consider going pure gas.  Everyone we have talked to, has had the same results....more miles per gallon!

Plus this is a local, independently owned, business!  It supports the local economy and local families!  You can recognize the business by this banner, too.

They also sell BBQ!!  Check it out!  It's another way to add to the family cash flow by less cash  flowing
O U T !

Permission granted to blog about this biz by the owners...thanks!

Monday, May 7, 2012


As you know, I've been working, part time.  The job requires that a computer, small one, be carried across the shoulders and down the back, hooking back to the case.  No way could I do that, nope, no way.  I have adapted the process and put the computer in the baby seat on a tray.  

Today I worked without taking a pain pill, big mistake, big, big mistake!  Pain tonight.  Live and learn.

Something that I did to take my mind off of ME ME ME, was cook a big pot of homemade spaghetti.  I used the big size jar of Prego sauce, making it even more yum.   The noodles and extra sauce filled a 3 quart pot to the brim.

A long time member, in fact he has been a member of the church for the longest of anyone else, since 1948, same year I was born.  Bro. Paul has had cancer, has it now again or still, and is taking treatments that last 7 hours per treatment.  He is not married, never has been and is in his eighties.  I took a big plate of spaghetti, covered with shredded cheese, some garlic toast, raw carrots for fiber, two homemade brownies to him tonight for his supper.  He seemed very appreciative.  It made my day.  

So, when you are very 'into yourself', on a whining rampage, stop, do something for someone else, someone that really needs it.

A cure for whining.

Friday, May 4, 2012


What a week, ever have one of those that nothing went according to plan?  I did, this past week.  The week vanished, totally vanished.  Some stuff done, some undone, you know how it goes.

Eating is off track, too.

The good thing about life is tomorrow is only one day away, sounds like a song title, doesn't it.   Truth, too.

Onward and upward, pick up the ball and keep running.