Monday, May 7, 2012


As you know, I've been working, part time.  The job requires that a computer, small one, be carried across the shoulders and down the back, hooking back to the case.  No way could I do that, nope, no way.  I have adapted the process and put the computer in the baby seat on a tray.  

Today I worked without taking a pain pill, big mistake, big, big mistake!  Pain tonight.  Live and learn.

Something that I did to take my mind off of ME ME ME, was cook a big pot of homemade spaghetti.  I used the big size jar of Prego sauce, making it even more yum.   The noodles and extra sauce filled a 3 quart pot to the brim.

A long time member, in fact he has been a member of the church for the longest of anyone else, since 1948, same year I was born.  Bro. Paul has had cancer, has it now again or still, and is taking treatments that last 7 hours per treatment.  He is not married, never has been and is in his eighties.  I took a big plate of spaghetti, covered with shredded cheese, some garlic toast, raw carrots for fiber, two homemade brownies to him tonight for his supper.  He seemed very appreciative.  It made my day.  

So, when you are very 'into yourself', on a whining rampage, stop, do something for someone else, someone that really needs it.

A cure for whining.

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dfish said...

It is a really good cure for depression as well.