Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today's tip for saving money is to buy REAL gasoline for all of your cars or trucks!  I've posted about this before but this is a bit more information for my readers.

A couple of weeks ago, I filled up my little zoom zoom and saw this....

YES, I gasped and did a second look.  I laughed out loud because I thought it was 3,562, wrong, it was only $35.62, breathe deeply.

For several months now, we have been buying our car gas here because it is 100% gasoline.....

The gas mileage on both of our cars has increased!!!  We drive more miles for less gas because we get more miles out of a gallon!  If you are buying  fuel with ethanol, consider going pure gas.  Everyone we have talked to, has had the same results....more miles per gallon!

Plus this is a local, independently owned, business!  It supports the local economy and local families!  You can recognize the business by this banner, too.

They also sell BBQ!!  Check it out!  It's another way to add to the family cash flow by less cash  flowing
O U T !

Permission granted to blog about this biz by the owners...thanks!


dfish said...

Unfortunately, the refineries are fined for not including a certain amount of ethanol, so most of them insist on including it.

Worse, vast amounts of cropland and water are being diverted to the production of Ethanol, moving us closer to food and water shortages.

Carol said...

May be so but my little zoom zoom is getting 3 to 4 more miles per gallon from this kind of gas. Save more of The Hubbie's money. :)