Monday, November 30, 2009

Nippy Nippy

It is Monday, November 30, 2009, and it is nippy cold with rain outside today. This is documentation in case some other far away life form is trying to contact earth. Just kidding.

My to do list is about 12 things long and I don't even want to get out of my housecoat. One thing is off my list and all I could do was leave a message for the person to call me back. So much for urgent business stuff.

Since I really do no want to be a grump, I think I'll just post this and maybe do a part two later today, may be not.

Any is a picture....they say they are worth a thousand words. Any picture would save a bunch of key strokes on a blog.

It's a picture of an old light fixture from the underside. It's also a wish for a bright happy day even when it's nippy cold with rain outside.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big Blue Chair

November, as posted earlier, was a difficult month. Several major things happened in our lives, including the oldest son being hospitalized because a blood clot had passed through his heart, broke into two pieces and lodged in his lung. He survived.

A sweet family in their church prepared Thanksgiving dinner for them and brought it to their house. The Son asked us to drive up and share it with them. Yes, we will come. It was a very nice dinner and even nicer because it was stress free.

While there, I was able to rock the GRAND baby in the big blue chair in his nursery. It is a very pretty chair and very comfortable.

There is a plan to rocking the GRAND baby to sleep. You must let him think he is in control and not going to sleep. Of course, Grammi wins and he sleeps. This time, instead of laying him down in a cold bed, I rocked him the entire nap. It was wonderfully peaceful as I thought about how life could have been so very different for all of us, including him, if the Son had not survived. I rocked and cried and rocked some more until the GRAND baby was rested and woke up.

So, I sat counting my blessings. They are many, as many as the number of rocks we took this Thanksgiving day in the big blue chair.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wide Awake Started Dreaming

Last night I was so wired. Everyone went to bed around 8 PM CST. I was wide awake but went to bed to keep from making too much noise. I laid in bed, eyes opened, dreaming.

Does Santa have good, clean used RVs at the North Pole? I thought it would be great to sell just about everything we own, store my little Honda, some other stuff, hook up the Toyota and hit the road. The Hubbie and I could be retired hippies. We could visit long time friends, spread peace and love but no dope, ever. Only dopes do dope.

I would love to start in Florida to see Paul, a young man fighting for his life against cancer, scoot by and hug Trish and Bob's neck because they were there for us when we needed someone. Then head north to South Carolina to visit the daughter and Sil. He has some land near the Peach water tower in the upper part of the state and I think he would have an electrical outlet we could plug into for a few days.

Then, on to North Carolina where we have lots of friends in the Charlotte area, Raleigh and around other parts. I miss them all. We lived in that state for sixteen years and never made it to DC. DC would be our next stop then head to New York to visit a couple that gave us a home when we had no home. I would love to see them both.

All of this would only be phase one of the dream, it would be a huge loop to Kansas, Texas and back with the GRAND baby's area being home base. Our trip might look more like a daisy than a circle. We would have to see him regularly, of course.

See how far you can travel in a few minutes, via the dream world with your eyes still opened? zzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It went by in a flash, didn't it? Now on to Christmas. This is the most behindest (yes, spellcheck got it) I have ever been in my entire life since becoming a mother.

For years, I kept out $10 per week from my household monies and was always finished way early but these last two years all I can say is ha ha ha ha. What is not got it together for 100 dollars, Alec?

Things not done include, zero decorations, zero clean windows, zero clean curtains, zero presents wrapped and only a few purchased.

Maybe I should just go into the woods, pick up a dead branch and label it ba hum bug. Naaahh, I won't do that this year. After all, it's the GRAND baby's first one.

So what if things are yet to be done. What will be done will be done. What isn't done, can be done later, maybe.

It's time for a tree, lights, shopping and fun!!!

Ready? Set? Go!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Full Cup

Today my posting on Facebook was: My cup is spilling over...into the saucer...on to the table. It is a reference to a Bible verse that says my cup runneth over.

I woke up this morning with feelings of more than a full cup of blessings. I was realizing not only was my cup full but it was full into the saucer which was full on to the table, all examples of how my blessings are overflowing.

The oldest son survived a near death experience. We are thankful. The youngest son is struggling but better. We are thankful. The Hubbie and I are working on our 43 years of being married. We are thankful. The GRAND baby is, well, he's just GRAND. We are thankful. Our daughter is well. We are thankful. Our family has grown by a DIL and SIL in the last few years. We are thankful. America is the greatest country. We are thankful.

The spillings could go on and on but I'll end here and wish everyone in the blog world, Happy Thanksgiving and wishes for a full cup, saucer, and even on the table.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Do

Forty two years ago today, November 25, 1967, Hubbie and I said, I do. We did and it took.

He was 20, I was 19. We lived in Texas at the time. Because of state laws, his mother had to go to City Hall with us and sign permission for him to marry. I, being a grown woman of 19, was considered an adult at 18. He was not legal until he was 21. So, it was the Hubbie, his Mom, and me, riding on the elevator up to sign the papers for the license, not very romantic but I remember it like it was yesterday.

We have had a good life, not a perfect life, but a good one. There are regrets, things we wish we had not done, put up with, suffered, but there are things that are wonderfully wonderful, too.

We were discussing what to get for gifts. We decided we needed a new digital camera with video for the GRAND baby because that is now a must in our lives. He makes us so happy even on sad days. I went to the big W yesterday and bought a red Kodak camera. I was going to buy another Samsung, more expensive, but decided to go for the Kodak. I will put it in a pretty bag, give it to him, he will open, act surprised, put it back into the bag, give it to me, I will act surprised. It will be fun. We have all we need and only a few wants left in life. God is good.

So, today, I am sweetly reminiscing. Love is deaf, dumb, and blind but also lasting.

We think we're going to make it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nasty November

Yep, November, month #11, has been pretty nasty at our house.

The young son has been home from the University twice, sick. He has had strep, been to the family doctor three times and six RXs from the local drugstore. He is on the mend finally.

The first born, older son has been in the hospital with two blood clots in his lung. It has been an amazingly scary time for all of us. He has survived to be with his wife and 10 month old baby son. We are thankful.

Finally, I have been sick, sore throat, throwing up, fever. I wasn't able to go to the hospital to see the oldest son. It was difficult. I am improving and about back to normal.

The original plan for month #11 was to clean the house from top to bottom, one day and one project per day would do it. The month has come and gone with nothing done on the plan. The problem with house cleaning plans is they can always be done another day, much like Scarlett in Gone with the Wind.

A month full of ups and downs, one that is gone in a blink, can put the focus of the important things back in focus. Family is the important thing. Housecleaning can be done a bit over time.

So, the wish is, bye, bye November!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am sick.

Blog later.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

U. S. Navy Brat and the Bainbridge

I'm sitting here watching TV while the young son is sleeping in the recliner. He is home from the University, sick, again or still.

It is telling the story of the pirates that captured the ship last year, the hero captain, crew and how they were rescued by the U. S. Navy ship Bainbridge. It is giving me chills. It makes me proud that I have a connection to the U. S. Navy.

My Dad was a lifer. He spent 19 years, 20 something days, X number of hours serving his Country. He had it down to the minute but I don't remember it. It was trivial back then. I was a teenager and thought it was pretty silly. Now, it gives me a sense of pride in his service.

I never have had a normal life. I was born into the Navy and my first move was at 6 weeks old. I moved all my growing up years. It has good and bad points, of course, as does all of life. You know you only have so many years to be at a place so you get in, make friends, make do, bond with others in the same boat. You make the most of it. The hard part is the moving, leaving the life you have made, only to do it all over again at the next port of call.

True, there were bonds over the years but they have all been lost. There are no life long friends that we still talk or write. However, because of that experience, I know that if and when our paths would ever cross, we would still be friends. Friends not in touch. It's okay. I had a good life, although at the time I could only see the negatives. My family is my life now and I love it.

Being attached to the service is like everything else. It has pros and cons. I know of people that have never been out of the state they were born in until they were adults. It seems strange to me.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say I am thankful for my life connection to the Navy. It is a sense of pride for me. To the crew of this great Navy vessel, you are amazing. I would give you all a medal.

To my Dad, I say, Thanks, Dad, you did good.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lead Me in a Plain Path

Years ago we were in a situation that we did not know which way to go. The Scripture came to us in a time that we needed it. We are there again.

I am so confused that I don't have a clue what to do. There are only two options and both have their drawbacks. Me, sitting here thinks, suck it up and go on. What if that is the wrong decision?

This is a picture of 3 geese walking down the beach in Florida. There are two males and one female. Their prints were in the sand but do not show up well in this picture. They walked directly down the white sand without straying right or left.

I need to be led in a plain, clear, direct path. Help!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sally Beauty Supply

When I had my last haircut, I asked the nice manager if she could make some recommendations about my thinning hair. She did. She suggested a product that they sell. The cost was $26.95 for 3 small bottles plus tax!!

I stopped by the local Sally Beauty Supply store and found the same product in bottles twice the size that was sold at the store where I had my hair cut. The cost was half for double the product.

I purchased the product at the checkout and was asked if I had a Sally card. My response was no. I was offered one for $5 or $2.50 if I was over 55. Oh yeah!! I bought the card for $2.50.

Then, to my surprise, two coupons printed out. One for $5 with my next $5 purchase and $5 off of a $5 purchase during the week of Tgiving. Fun! Free stuff!

I love a bargain.

Monday, November 16, 2009


In case we run out of masks during the H1N1 flu season, here is a mask you can make yourself.

It is even compatible with the wearing of glasses.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Uhoh Spaghetti O's

I did an uhoh. I set the alarm for church, turned it off when it started to sound, turned over and woke up an hour later. It was only minutes away from leaving time. I sent the Hubbie a text that I had overslept. I will go to the night service. Still I feel like a little kid that got away with something. Uhoh, Spaghetti O's.

The weather is absolutely beautiful here today. There is a bit of a chill in the air but I love the no humidity part of this season. You can breathe in fresh crisp air and feel great.

Soon will be the Hubbie's and my 42nd Happy Anniversary. We have been straight, sober, and sweethearts for 42 years. Well, some days not sweethearts but, hey, it's been almost 42 years. He is a very good man. He works hard. He is honest. He is my companion. He thinks that there is no marriage in Heaven but I got a clue for him. He's stuck with me forever and ever. I love him.

Last night we decided that we would buy ourselves a new camera for our 42nd. My camera quit and has yet to be revived in spite of all that can be done. He is not a camera bug like me but he enjoys the videos of the GRAND baby so we must have videos every time he comes or when we are around him. Now to decide which one to purchase. These little decisions are fun.

It's a great day and it's great to be alive even when you pull an uhoh. ;)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm sitting at my old eMachine giggling at myself.

This day is almost over and I have yet to post a single word. I am seriously considering making this a habit. It seems to work so much better for me, myself, and I.

Today was interesting. It is Saturday so I slept late. Saturday is my day off. Or rather one of them now that I am retired. I had a shop to do so I planned to do it for lunch so I could eat lunch for free. I did.

There was a very short list of stuff to get from the big W. The list was followed and the stuff was obtained.

The Hubbie came home early tonight, which he rarely does. I was talking to the young son on the phone when I heard the garage door go up. The young son said just get a pizza. The Hubbie walked in the door and I repeated, let's just get a pizza. Okay with the Hubbie so it's okay with me. Little did I know the adventure that was ahead of me.

Pizza Hut has large pies for only $10. I ordered one for pick up. The man on the phone said 15 to 20 minutes and it would be ready. Okay, good, that will work for me. I put on my pink bunny slippers and headed out the door. Whoa! The entire town must have had the same idea. I sat in line at the pick up window for a good 20 minutes. I called the restaurant to see if my order was ready. I was going to walk inside and pay but nope, not ready. Besides I drove around the building and the place was packed including a line at the inside pick up window.

So, I sat myself in the seat of the Honda and waited my turn to the drive up window.

Rarely do I go out to a store in slippers. Why? Because it brings dirt into the house that would not normally be in the house and because it looks stupid.

Note to self: Self, you never know so don't wear pink bunny slippers to any where any more ever again. Case closed. We want these cuties to last a long time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Two Years Past

Two years ago today, my life changed.

I fell while working at the big W. It permanently damaged my right shoulder and other parts. My working life ended.

I've always been a hard worker. I could out last most people half my age when I was at my best. No longer.

So, now that I am past the two year mark, I am feeling sad. I must refocus my life and find a new beginning. I'm still breathing, still walking, still have my sight, etc.

I look at others whose life changed in an instant, too. The lady that was mauled by the human chimp. The Dallas Cowboy coach that is in a wheelchair for life. A sweet lady I met recently.

Bad things do happen to good people.

But, good things can come out of the bad.

We must all focus on the good things in our lives. We live in the greatest Country in spite of it's present troubles. We still have freedom of speech, for now anyway. We have the best armed forces ever in the history of the world.

It's time to close the door, lock it, turn around and start walking, living forward. Even if it is a really big door!

Thursday, November 12, 2009



The Hubbie is Off Today

The Hubbie is off today. We will do things like take care of weekly business by updating the checkbook, run some errands, he will take a nap, watch some TV. It will be a full day and will go by too fast. Even being an empty nester, the days go by too fast.

I am working on a post but not sure how to write it out yet. It's been a life changing moment to me and I want to be sensitive about saying what I have to say.

Plus, I need to pull the pictures out of the scrapbook and post the ones of The Hubbie's car wreck in 1975. I have not forgotten that I said I would do it.

In the meantime, I will post another pretty picture for the blog world to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Is Done

Today screamed by way too fast. I slept too late, had some training for my home biz, did some errands, made some decisions. It was a busy day. Today, the DC terrorist was put to death. Today, the Ft Hood dead were remembered. Today, it rained and rained some more.

I have been a blogger on the world wide web for one year. 11/10/09

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fort Hood Texas

Fort Hood Texas has a place in our lives. Hubbie and I were there when he was in the Army. Our first child was born at Darnall Army Hospital. We lived in a then small town close to the base called Coppers Cove. I worked at the local Junior College briefly but was let go when I began showing with the baby. Something like that would not happen today. There are laws against it but hey this was 1970.

Fort Hood is in pain today. Even though it is the largest base in the country, it is still a family. Everyone there is in the same boat. They are from all parts of the country and the world. They unite in times of trouble, in times of being alone and in times of happiness.

The man that murdered the brave soliders knew what he was doing. He knew the men at the center would be unarmed. He knew the times. He knew the process they were involved in doing. He knew they were sitting ducks. He intended to kill. He is a coward.

Thank the Good Lord for the hero police woman. She is now famous. She deserves every praise she is given. Her story will be told for decades.

This blog is praying for peace and comfort to the families of the fallen. Their lives will never be the same but our hearts are with them all.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Tonight, we were watching the TV. I caught this quote from a fighter who has something to do with cage people fighting other cage people. I am not a devoted fan as you can tell by this description. Still a quote caught my ear.

Don't let something pass you by that you know you can do to make your life better.

This pretty much sums up my focus for my home biz.

I cannot let it pass me by.

I know I can do it.

It will make my life better.

This sounds like a great Facebook status quote to me.

Do you need a new status in your life? What are you doing today that if you don't change, will make your life better? Where will you be in 3 years? 5 years?

Are you at the crossroads of your life? Are you changing jobs? Do you need additional income? How about paying off a house? Paying for college in the future or student loans now? Leaving the military?

My home biz is a great way to look forward to the future, in spite of what the stock market does or doesn't do, and will make your life better.

Interested? Contact me.

We are people helping people.

Friday, November 6, 2009

24 Hours

Nope, this is not a post about the now famous TV show 24. It is a simple post about the last 24 hours in our lives. There is only one word for it.


Sometimes life is like that, crazy. It's out of control, hard to understand, scary, clueless, full of whys and no direction. I think I need someone to say go thata way.


But, today is better. The young son is home from the university for a few hours. The GRAND baby is on his way with his Mommy and his Daddy for the weekend. It's okay.

CRAZY can wait.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday and the Light Finally Came On

This is a pretty late time to be posting a post. Wednesday is almost over.

Today was insane. I lost my wallet.

Yes, I panicked. I called the Hubbie, told him, he tried to help me remember where it was, no luck.

Yes, I tore the house apart, dumped my purse, tore the car up looking for it, not once by twice.

Yes, I cancelled my American Express Card, went to the driver's license office, the system was down, not once but twice, so no new license.

Yes, I went back to the Kroger Pharmacy, after I had called it once already, because after all, it was the only place I had used it yesterday.

Finally, I thought, I better text the young son and see if it was in his car. He made a quick trip home to go to the Doctor. I took his car to fill it up with gas while he was at his appointment.

Yes, it was in his car. I asked him to call me. He did. I wanted to know why he didn't call and tell me it was there because I was driving myself crazy. He said, I just found it.

So, I am breathing easier. I must meet him half way tomorrow to get it. I really really hope I don't get stopped or have a wreck. I will just have to explain that I went to get another one but the statewide system was down all day.

At the very least, I know where it is.

Silly, silly me. Am I alone in my silliness? I don't think so. It's okay.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Computer Stuff

What a week!? I am dealing with stuff that I don't even want to think about much less deal with during this week.

I'm wondering how I ever worked? Where is the time going? Lots of times saving devices and still no time.

It's almost Christmas!! It's almost 2010.

I'm off. Well, not as in out of the house, just dealing with the online stuff I have to do.

What did we do without computers? When I first started learning the computer, about 20 years ago now, I thought it was a glorified typewriter. Why? There was no Internet. Boy was I wrong! What would I do without my Internet?

It keeps me in touch. It helps me accomplish so much stuff, like this week's stuff. It entertains me. It gives me hope and something to look forward to everyday.

Can we even remember what we did before we had a computer?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Goose Bumps

Today is a busy day. Several things need to be accomplished. I did take the time to check out FOX news online. I saw the report of the new Navy ship coming into New York. It was an amazing site!

The ship is made from tons and tons of steel from the World Trade Center twin towers that were destroyed on 9/11.

The profile of the ship is spectacular. The designers and builders have done our great Country proud! It's beautiful.

So, I pause, too, to think of the men and women that are battling the evil that started on that day. Sadly, it had been battling us for years and we did nothing. But, on that sad day, America rallied and began to plan to kill the ones that did this to us.

American Soldier, Sailor, Marine, keep strong. WE are proud of you and your character.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Ha Ha Sunday

It was a bright, cool, sunny day in our part of Dixie today. The air was crisp with zero humidity. Church was great and everyone was very happy to be together.

As you know, I do mystery shopping to provide myself with spending cash. Today I had a scheduled grocery shop, which was accomplished, and submitted as required.

The other shop I had was a last minute, emergency, no one will do it for the scheduler, assignment. It was a tanning shop. I have never tanned any way other than in the sun with a swimsuit or the like on the body.

Today I went totally nuddie. I never never never thought I would do it but I did. It was a spray tan. You strip, step into the shower like enclosure, put your feet in position and the machine sprays up your body. The machine then tells you to change positions and sprays down the other side of the body.

It was cold but so much fun. I was there, all alone, locked in a room, not much bigger than a closet giggling away. It only took about 2 minutes but sure was fun. I like the way the tan turned out except there are places that are tanned now that have never seen sunshine.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a bright orange jacket for under $8, new. It's not one of my colors. I like orange and use to wear it until the whole season color thing hit the world stage. I am a winter and should never wear orange.

Phooey, I am 61 and have decided I can wear whatever color I want. I wore it to church last week and was told I looked pretty by more than one person. So, I'll wear it again.

As far as the tanning, I don't know if I will pay the $20 to do it on my own. You see, I will be reimbursed for this tan, as well as get a fee for doing the shop.

I did have a great giggle, all alone, me and myself, getting sprayed tan.

Who would have ever thunk it?