Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm sitting at my old eMachine giggling at myself.

This day is almost over and I have yet to post a single word. I am seriously considering making this a habit. It seems to work so much better for me, myself, and I.

Today was interesting. It is Saturday so I slept late. Saturday is my day off. Or rather one of them now that I am retired. I had a shop to do so I planned to do it for lunch so I could eat lunch for free. I did.

There was a very short list of stuff to get from the big W. The list was followed and the stuff was obtained.

The Hubbie came home early tonight, which he rarely does. I was talking to the young son on the phone when I heard the garage door go up. The young son said just get a pizza. The Hubbie walked in the door and I repeated, let's just get a pizza. Okay with the Hubbie so it's okay with me. Little did I know the adventure that was ahead of me.

Pizza Hut has large pies for only $10. I ordered one for pick up. The man on the phone said 15 to 20 minutes and it would be ready. Okay, good, that will work for me. I put on my pink bunny slippers and headed out the door. Whoa! The entire town must have had the same idea. I sat in line at the pick up window for a good 20 minutes. I called the restaurant to see if my order was ready. I was going to walk inside and pay but nope, not ready. Besides I drove around the building and the place was packed including a line at the inside pick up window.

So, I sat myself in the seat of the Honda and waited my turn to the drive up window.

Rarely do I go out to a store in slippers. Why? Because it brings dirt into the house that would not normally be in the house and because it looks stupid.

Note to self: Self, you never know so don't wear pink bunny slippers to any where any more ever again. Case closed. We want these cuties to last a long time.


Dinah Soar said...

Murphy's law dictates that you'll get caught in your pb slippers if you wear them outside of the house...btw...they are so 'fun'...I should get myself a fun pair..I've decided you can never have too many slippers, scarves (the winter kind), gloves/mittens, pj's, robes, sweaters.

Carol said...

I think I could copy these if they do go to that big bunny farm in the sky but they are just cute and inspire my blog.