Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday and the Light Finally Came On

This is a pretty late time to be posting a post. Wednesday is almost over.

Today was insane. I lost my wallet.

Yes, I panicked. I called the Hubbie, told him, he tried to help me remember where it was, no luck.

Yes, I tore the house apart, dumped my purse, tore the car up looking for it, not once by twice.

Yes, I cancelled my American Express Card, went to the driver's license office, the system was down, not once but twice, so no new license.

Yes, I went back to the Kroger Pharmacy, after I had called it once already, because after all, it was the only place I had used it yesterday.

Finally, I thought, I better text the young son and see if it was in his car. He made a quick trip home to go to the Doctor. I took his car to fill it up with gas while he was at his appointment.

Yes, it was in his car. I asked him to call me. He did. I wanted to know why he didn't call and tell me it was there because I was driving myself crazy. He said, I just found it.

So, I am breathing easier. I must meet him half way tomorrow to get it. I really really hope I don't get stopped or have a wreck. I will just have to explain that I went to get another one but the statewide system was down all day.

At the very least, I know where it is.

Silly, silly me. Am I alone in my silliness? I don't think so. It's okay.

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Dinah Soar said...

I'm soooo glad you found your wallet! I know how horrible that feels...thank God no one saw it in J's car and broke the window to get it! If you get stopped I'm sure they'll understand why you don't have your DL. And yes, we've all done such know I have..LOL...after I 'misplaced' my wallet I began obsessive about making sure it was in my purse. Did I ever tell you about the time I drove all the way to the mall in M'Boro only to discover I'd left my purse at home??? that is insane...hahaha.