Wednesday, October 30, 2013


3. In some parts of the world, they protect their babies from disease by bathing them in beer.

Monday, October 28, 2013


2. There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.
Remember, I am not a medical professional.  These facts are general info gathered from the WWW.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013


While cleaning up the laptop, I was going through several saved documents.  I found one that lists 24 Health Facts That Will Blow Your Mind.  I don't have a clue where it originated.  But, it's interesting so I will be posting these facts on my blog.  I am not a doctor so I do not claim that these facts are true.  They do make you think.  Enjoy.
"You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It's money time!  Here's the tip for today:
Compare prices on prescriptions.  Shop around for the best price. 
For example, WalMart has a great deal on saving money on prescriptions.  Today, I purchased a 90 day supply of a The Hubbie's RX!  What was the price?  Only $10.00!  Good deal, don't you agree?
Instead of paying a co-pay, check for a cash only RX.  All of these are generic and the prescription must be written for 90 pills for it to be filled by the store. 
WalMart has a print out that shows all of the medications they offer with this service.  You can pick up a copy and take it to your doctor, request a RX from that list and you save money..
The future of health care in this country is in deep trouble.  Start making your medical care your focus!
Saving money should be part of that focus today and tomorrow.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I never know what a day will bring and neither do you so enjoy everyone that you have, People!

Friday, October 18, 2013


Do you sell or buy on Craigslist?  Do you do local pick up only for Ebay or other websites?  Do you think it is a safe way to do business?  Many times it is not. 
Never meet the buyer or seller in a private location.  Some have been injured or killed by making this one mistake alone. 
Here is my tip:
Our bank is centrally located in a parking lot of a shopping center.  It is on one of the two main roads of our little town.  It has cameras on every corner of the building.  Be sure and casually mention that fact before the process takes place.  Then giggle but the hint will have been dropped.
If something ever goes wrong, God forbid that it does, there is proof on the security camera of your bank.  Park in the space that is the most open to view from the public and others.
It may save your life!
Thanks for stopping in to check out my blog!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Yesterday, someone officially turned 3 years old! 
Here she is with her Grandpa, having fun at her Happy Birthday party. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It is Tuesday again.  Where does time go? 
Some products are not found in our area even though there are coupons for those products in the newspaper.  How do you find out if a store sells a certain product?  Google it.  There is a link on the websites showing which stores carry that product along with the location of the store.
For example, I had three coupons, $1 off, of Marcell paper products.  None of the stores I shop at carry these products.  I checked a couple of stores in the area, no products.  I gave up looking, came home, looked up the product and found that a store near my son's house stock Marcell.
Since we were going there for our GRAND daughter's birthday, I tucked the coupons in my wallet.  After the party, we stopped by that store.  I was able to purchase these items:
1 large package of paper napkins, regular price 2.49, with MVP card, 1.99, with the coupon, .99!
2 packages of 28 rolls of toilet paper, regular 5.49, with card, 4.99, with the coupon, 3.99 each!
Total saved was 4.50 and it only took about ten minutes to stop in the store, check out and leave.
So, don't trash a coupon, if you are going out of town, take it with you or send it to someone you know that may be able to use it.
Coupons are money. 
Would you drop a dollar bill in the trash can? 
Think about it.

Monday, October 14, 2013


This is a good blog to read if you are desiring to learn more about God and being a Christian.   It explains much about the Bible.

Friday, October 11, 2013


It was nice to be able to sleep in this morning.  I was really tired, needed the extra snooze time.  I've not slept late for several weeks.  Nice.
I made it to the kitchen, gathered a bagel, Diet Coke, jar of peanut butter, apple butter, two knives, pulled out the toaster, plugged it in, cut the bagel in two slices, put it in the toaster and pushed the knob down to start the toasting process, breakfast was cooking. 
I was standing there, waiting, when I raised the shade over the kitchen sink window.  I saw a beautiful sight.  I have small Cannas growing along the patio.  The large variety get as tall as a house in Dixie.  The smaller ones are about four feet max.  I digress.  When I raised the shade, I saw a tiny, beautiful hummingbird.  Hummingbirds visit the flowers all through the summer but I was surprised to see one in October. 
Then, right after the bird flew away, a bright yellow butterfly flew by the flowers!  Wow!  It was a beautiful sight. 
The bagel popped up, breakfast was done.  I was hungry. 
Yesterday, I blogged about Duck Dynasty.  I mentioned the wives, the in laws.  They are nice ladies.  It's just that even though they have been in the family for years, they don't have the flow, the same rhythm as the blood family.  It's part of being a family, part of growing up together.
I just wanted to say that I love my family.  God is good to have allowed me to live this long to have this big family!  Grown kiddos, married into our family kiddos, GRANDS, three of them now.  I am blessed. 

Hummingbirds plus butterflies plus family are blessings from God in Dixie in October!  A post about three blessings for me.  Tada.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I love this show.  Maybe love is too strong of a word.  I enjoy might be better.  I never thought I would be so attached to a show that had Rednecks, men with scraggly beards and dead animals.  But, I do.  The end of the the show where they all eat and pray together touches my heart.  I wish we had that for our family instead of being spread out.

Phil is great.  He is calm but a true believer of Christ.
Kay is so cute.
Willie is a money making ninja.
Uncle Si reminds me of all the young men still remembering that awful war.  He's funny though.
Jase is so sense in his comments.
Jeb is cute, I think, but who can tell, right?
The other men, I have different opinions about each.  No big deal.  I like them, too.  I'm insane.
The wives are the least interesting part of the show but they are family.   Inlaws.

The way they work is so funny.  Any excuse not to work is a good excuse for them.

I'm sitting here watching the show about Phil and Kay talking to Willie about dying.  I'm fascinated.

I'm a city girl.  Animal poop, blood and smells are yuck.  Killing and eating what you have killed is foreign to me.  I buy meat at the grocery store period.

But, this show is so good...well, so interesting...uhhh...okay so it's entertaining.   It makes me happy, happy, happy.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Where has this year gone?  Back in the Spring, I did a frugal update to our living room.  I wanted to add some yellow and gray.  These are the pics of how I did it but not of the entire living room because I have a huge black treadmill that I do not want to show up in the pics.
Here is the pillow case I bought into which I put the original couch cushions.  I have an idea on how to make these cuter but that will wait till next year.  The thing I like about this, besides the colors, is the fact that I can pull the pillows out and wash the cases. 
The couch is a light taupe.  The drapes are a pale gray.  The extra chair is tan and The Hubbie recliner is an off white and tan.  The walls are a light taupe with white trim.  The carpet is tan colors with a touch of green.  I don't like green but it was here when we bought the house.
Price for cases about $4 for two king size.

 A trip to the local Dollar Tree, I found three bushes of these beautiful yellow tulips to put into a gray vase I bought at a thrift store years ago.  It is stamped West Germany so it's an oldie but one of my favorite things.

Price for all three $3.

 The yellow candle is one I had already.  I put it on a different stand that I already had and moved the cross in front of it then put both on the left hand side of the flat screen.

Price zero.

This gray vase is one that I bought from another local thrift store.  The white ones are old keepsakes.

Price $.75.

Finally, I added a white cover to the pillow on the lounger.  I draped gray fabric on the lounger because I could not get it to stay any other way.  It is messy in the pic.  I forgot to take the pictures so quickly threw it back on.  I'm not using the fabric this winter.   The yellow stripe is a pillow my daughter made years ago. 

Price zero.

That's it but all put away for the winter.  I'm using an off red for fall.  It's pretty and goes with the lounger and sofa pillows without any covers to add.  I should make pics of those.  Maybe next time.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Today is Tuesday which is also the day I attempt to give my readers a money saving tip.  Why?  To save money, honey.  The tip has to do with yard sales.
Saturday was our youngest son's 27th Happy Birthday.  We met him for brunch.  When we were finished, boy do I miss him, we headed back to the place that works on our cars.  The Hubbie had left his car there the night before so the struts and springs could be replaced. 
While working on the car, the mechanic broke one of the parts.  We had to go back to O'Reily's for an extra.  Then back to the garage, which by the way is Express Oil Change, a great company.  It would be another hour before the car would be ready.  We headed to the mall.  But, we spotted an estate sale by a small strip mall.  We pulled over.
The thing that caught my eye was the white metal shelf.  I thought it would be great for my laundry room.  The price tag was $3.

But the sale was almost over, it was getting Alabamie hot and the owner was dealing.  She said, make me an offer on anything.  I asked about the rack.  I'll take $1 for it.  Sold.  She said do you want anything else?  I'm dealing.  She showed me a large cardboard box full of stuff. 
I asked so this is like a grab bag, right?  She laughed and said you can say so.  She offered a large box for $2.  Sold, again.
This is what was in the box:

So, I bought all of this:

 ....for only $3.
Here is the hint:  Pay attention to the time the sale is suppose to end and go then.  The stuff that you are suppose to have is there because you are suppose to have it.  The sellers are ready to deal, ready to call it quits.   You win.
Good stuff that I can Ebay or share. 

Monday, October 7, 2013


Yesterday, the church that we attend, turned 141 years old.  It was started before the town we live in was established.  It was in a small log cabin by two men who wanted children of the area to learn about Jesus. 
I was thinking about this yesterday.  It was started after the crops were in, I'm sure.  Back then, everyone worked, young and old.  There were no streets, only a dirt farm road to the log cabin.  Now, the dirt road is paved, has the new elementary, as well as new high school, built on it. 
Recently, our pastor of nine years, resigned, moved from the area and left us in a bit of a bind.  Now, the process of finding a new pastor is in motion.   There have been many pastors over 141 years.
As a wife of a man that was in full time ministry for 30 years or so, we have been under several pastors.  This of course, is shaping my perception of what a new pastor should be.
I, personally, am desiring a new pastor to be kind, tender hearted and does not slap his people in the face with Scripture.  I do not want him to use a hammer over the women in the congregation.  I do not want some man that insists on women wearing dresses only.  I don't want a man who works his staff to the end and then spits them out.  I do not want a man that is full of pride, self centered and has an ego the size of a mountain.  He puts himself first in every thing and makes the church think he is doing for others.   There is always an alter reason and it is to make him better off financially. 
I wonder what God thinks about it all?  These opinions are  mine.  A woman with an opinion about lots of things, including how a pastor should treat his people.  Yep, I do.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Out of town...helping celebrate the First Third Happy Birthday of our newest little GRAND daughter, Chloe.
She arrived home last January at the ripe old age of 2. 
She turned the big 0-3 on Saturday, September 28, 2013.
It was a fun party.  She did wonderfully!  Thanking each guest for their gift.  Hugging them as they all left the zoo party.
Didn't think of it at the time but she even wore 3 tutus at once!