Friday, October 11, 2013


It was nice to be able to sleep in this morning.  I was really tired, needed the extra snooze time.  I've not slept late for several weeks.  Nice.
I made it to the kitchen, gathered a bagel, Diet Coke, jar of peanut butter, apple butter, two knives, pulled out the toaster, plugged it in, cut the bagel in two slices, put it in the toaster and pushed the knob down to start the toasting process, breakfast was cooking. 
I was standing there, waiting, when I raised the shade over the kitchen sink window.  I saw a beautiful sight.  I have small Cannas growing along the patio.  The large variety get as tall as a house in Dixie.  The smaller ones are about four feet max.  I digress.  When I raised the shade, I saw a tiny, beautiful hummingbird.  Hummingbirds visit the flowers all through the summer but I was surprised to see one in October. 
Then, right after the bird flew away, a bright yellow butterfly flew by the flowers!  Wow!  It was a beautiful sight. 
The bagel popped up, breakfast was done.  I was hungry. 
Yesterday, I blogged about Duck Dynasty.  I mentioned the wives, the in laws.  They are nice ladies.  It's just that even though they have been in the family for years, they don't have the flow, the same rhythm as the blood family.  It's part of being a family, part of growing up together.
I just wanted to say that I love my family.  God is good to have allowed me to live this long to have this big family!  Grown kiddos, married into our family kiddos, GRANDS, three of them now.  I am blessed. 

Hummingbirds plus butterflies plus family are blessings from God in Dixie in October!  A post about three blessings for me.  Tada.

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