Thursday, October 10, 2013


I love this show.  Maybe love is too strong of a word.  I enjoy might be better.  I never thought I would be so attached to a show that had Rednecks, men with scraggly beards and dead animals.  But, I do.  The end of the the show where they all eat and pray together touches my heart.  I wish we had that for our family instead of being spread out.

Phil is great.  He is calm but a true believer of Christ.
Kay is so cute.
Willie is a money making ninja.
Uncle Si reminds me of all the young men still remembering that awful war.  He's funny though.
Jase is so sense in his comments.
Jeb is cute, I think, but who can tell, right?
The other men, I have different opinions about each.  No big deal.  I like them, too.  I'm insane.
The wives are the least interesting part of the show but they are family.   Inlaws.

The way they work is so funny.  Any excuse not to work is a good excuse for them.

I'm sitting here watching the show about Phil and Kay talking to Willie about dying.  I'm fascinated.

I'm a city girl.  Animal poop, blood and smells are yuck.  Killing and eating what you have killed is foreign to me.  I buy meat at the grocery store period.

But, this show is so good...well, so interesting...uhhh...okay so it's entertaining.   It makes me happy, happy, happy.


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