Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It's money time!  Here's the tip for today:
Compare prices on prescriptions.  Shop around for the best price. 
For example, WalMart has a great deal on saving money on prescriptions.  Today, I purchased a 90 day supply of a The Hubbie's RX!  What was the price?  Only $10.00!  Good deal, don't you agree?
Instead of paying a co-pay, check for a cash only RX.  All of these are generic and the prescription must be written for 90 pills for it to be filled by the store. 
WalMart has a print out that shows all of the medications they offer with this service.  You can pick up a copy and take it to your doctor, request a RX from that list and you save money..
The future of health care in this country is in deep trouble.  Start making your medical care your focus!
Saving money should be part of that focus today and tomorrow.

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