Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It is Tuesday again.  Where does time go? 
Some products are not found in our area even though there are coupons for those products in the newspaper.  How do you find out if a store sells a certain product?  Google it.  There is a link on the websites showing which stores carry that product along with the location of the store.
For example, I had three coupons, $1 off, of Marcell paper products.  None of the stores I shop at carry these products.  I checked a couple of stores in the area, no products.  I gave up looking, came home, looked up the product and found that a store near my son's house stock Marcell.
Since we were going there for our GRAND daughter's birthday, I tucked the coupons in my wallet.  After the party, we stopped by that store.  I was able to purchase these items:
1 large package of paper napkins, regular price 2.49, with MVP card, 1.99, with the coupon, .99!
2 packages of 28 rolls of toilet paper, regular 5.49, with card, 4.99, with the coupon, 3.99 each!
Total saved was 4.50 and it only took about ten minutes to stop in the store, check out and leave.
So, don't trash a coupon, if you are going out of town, take it with you or send it to someone you know that may be able to use it.
Coupons are money. 
Would you drop a dollar bill in the trash can? 
Think about it.

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