Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Where has this year gone?  Back in the Spring, I did a frugal update to our living room.  I wanted to add some yellow and gray.  These are the pics of how I did it but not of the entire living room because I have a huge black treadmill that I do not want to show up in the pics.
Here is the pillow case I bought into which I put the original couch cushions.  I have an idea on how to make these cuter but that will wait till next year.  The thing I like about this, besides the colors, is the fact that I can pull the pillows out and wash the cases. 
The couch is a light taupe.  The drapes are a pale gray.  The extra chair is tan and The Hubbie recliner is an off white and tan.  The walls are a light taupe with white trim.  The carpet is tan colors with a touch of green.  I don't like green but it was here when we bought the house.
Price for cases about $4 for two king size.

 A trip to the local Dollar Tree, I found three bushes of these beautiful yellow tulips to put into a gray vase I bought at a thrift store years ago.  It is stamped West Germany so it's an oldie but one of my favorite things.

Price for all three $3.

 The yellow candle is one I had already.  I put it on a different stand that I already had and moved the cross in front of it then put both on the left hand side of the flat screen.

Price zero.

This gray vase is one that I bought from another local thrift store.  The white ones are old keepsakes.

Price $.75.

Finally, I added a white cover to the pillow on the lounger.  I draped gray fabric on the lounger because I could not get it to stay any other way.  It is messy in the pic.  I forgot to take the pictures so quickly threw it back on.  I'm not using the fabric this winter.   The yellow stripe is a pillow my daughter made years ago. 

Price zero.

That's it but all put away for the winter.  I'm using an off red for fall.  It's pretty and goes with the lounger and sofa pillows without any covers to add.  I should make pics of those.  Maybe next time.

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