Thursday, May 29, 2014



Monday, May 12, 2014


Today is the day after Mother's Day.  I got money and phone calls.  How about you?  It may or may not be times to blog again.  Strange that 2014 is going by so fast!
I've discovered a few things that have interested me.  One is the PBS series, Call the Midwife.  A long time friend, TRD, connected me.  She let me watch it on Netflix.  Now I record it and watch every week.  It's a good series.  I enjoy watching it and cannot wait till the next week.
Another thing is I worked for a month for a friend who had major surgery and is now scheduled to start chemo.  I discovered that I missed working.  Yeah, me the retired couch potato.  It was challenging and fulfilling.  I am standing by to help Patsy if she needs me.  I pray that the six months will go by quickly and all will be well.
The last thing I discovered is that my to do list is growing by the week.  The garage is about half way cleaned out.  My scrapbooking is years behind schedule.  My dejunking our lives must continue.  Dejunking is freeing but it takes time.  We have lived here 16, coming up on 17 years so there is lots of stuff to post online for sale, lots of stuff to donate.  It's better but still, it's stuff. 
Our tax lady gave us the name of a website that gives tax credits for donations if you itemize your taxes.  I will research it and post what I find.
Winter is gone, Spring is at an end and Summer is around the corner.  Time marches on.  Life is good.