Friday, February 28, 2014


Is it Friday again, already? 
Somehow the weeks are going by faster rather than slowing down.  Crazy, isn't it?!
So, the week is over and I have just about everything done with a couple of things to do tomorrow. 
Then it will be Sunday.  There are times that weeks seem there are 2 Sundays a week.  How does that happen?
Oh well, have a great weekend every one.  It will be Monday again before you and I both realize it.
Be OPTIMISTIC.....or do the cha cha cha.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 AM

Interesting night.  I was awake until after 4 AM this morning.  I hate when I have a night when the brain cannot be turned off to sleep.
I have some important things on my little brain so it was a busy thinking time. 
The good thing about not sleeping one night is I will sleep the next night. 
Sleep, sleep, wonderful sleep. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It's Tuesday, People, time for a money saving tip!
The tip for today is to set limits on everything.
If you do not have money to eat out, do not eat out.
If you do not have money to buy clothes, do not buy clothes.
If you do not have money to spend on things like cable TV, do not have cable TV.
If you do not have money and are trying to get out of debt, save for retirement, save for college, whatever, then do not spend money.
It is hard for me to understand how those that always say they do not have money carry around a
smart phone.  Yes, there are deals, yes some only have that as a phone service, I understand. 
I do understand that people can get into debt because of illness or loss of job.  I am not throwing stones.  I understand life gets rough.
So, if you are in a rough patch, buckle down, and don't spend.  Think of ways you can cut your spending. 
Here is a small hint if you like soda/Cokes, etc.  CVS has great deals on their canned drinks every week.  One week it is Pepsi products, one week it is Coke products.  This past week,  purchased four cartons of Coke products for $15.00 and received $5.00 Extra Care Bucks back to spend another time. 
Do the math.
4 cartons, 98 drinks, $.15 per can.
What do you pay individually per can?  $.99?  $1.15?
Plus some would figure to take the $5.00 off but I don't do that in my counting.  It is not off the products for that day but a future purchase.
98 drinks for .99 each totals a whopping $97.02. 
Difference being $82.02 for drinks alone. 
You can always take one from the frig with you when you head out the door.  Put one in a cold lunch sack, etc.
 Think savings galore!
Do not spend what you do not have.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 24, 2014


The weekend has come and gone.  We had a fun one, this past one.
The younger son and girlfriend came down to our little town.  We ate out.  We shopped.  We laughed.
Life is good.
Even though things come into your life that you cannot control, prefer not to have, still life is good.
I've been watching a series on Netflix named Call the Midwife.  My friend TD got me hooked on it.  We forget how very good we have it in our Country.
So, when things get hard to handle, pause, pray and think Life is Good.
Because it is.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Yes, I coupon.  No, I am not an extreme coupon-er.
I do not......
Have a stock pile bigger than a room in my house...
Go into a store and buy 900 deodorants or clear the store because they are 'free'...
Do not print off enough coupons each week that I end up having to buy a $70 printer cartridge....
Do not buy every paper on the shelf on Sunday or any other day...
Go from store to store only to use a tank of gas in the process...
There must be sanity to all of it, Dear Readers.
Today, I did get some good deals.  See the picture:

I went to two stores, Publix and Dollar Tree.  Publix was on the way to my Chiropractor in TN and the Dollar Tree is in our little town.
I was able to purchase 40 items.  The only one item that did not have a coupon was the pack of wash clothes in the front row. 
Here is the list:
lip gloss
Purell (2)
toothbrush (3)
Car Max lip care (2)
Hefty Slider bags (8)
Petridge Farm bread (2)
PowerAde (2)
Angel Soft (2)
Folgers French Vanilla Coffee (2)
A&W Root Beer (4)
All Free and Clear detergent (10)
These were BOGO, rain checks, coupons, store sale items.
I purchased 40 items for a total of $48.69 from both stores combined.
Remember I do not count tax because tax is not included on the coupons themselves.
It ended up that I paid ONLY $1.21 per item.  True some were more, some were less.  I totaled everything and divided by 40.  It's how I roll.
The reality is that 8 All detergents would total up to a cost of $47.92 at regular price.  You can say I paid for the 8 All and every thing else was free.
Either way you look at it, you get to save some cash by not spending your cash.
So, don't get so uptight  about couponing.  Just save where and how you can.
"I done good."  Someone is going to tell me.....

UPDATE ON THE BLAH BLAH BLAH POST.....if you are interested......grinning @ self.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today's money saving tip has to do with receipts and money. 

Here is the story....on the latest trip to see our third GRAND, I asked that the oldest son make a stop so I could purchase one or two of those medical masks to wear on the plane.  There is so much sickness, I really did not want to pick up any thing on the trip.  We stopped at Walgreen's, which was on the way to the airport.
I jumped out, went inside thinking I would pick up a pack of two or three, cheap.  Nope, the only thing in stock was a 12 pack for, with tax, OVER $15.00!!  Really!  I put a box on my debit card, mumbling the entire time.  Ridiculous price, I was mumbling.
On to the airport.
I pulled out three....put in my purse...left the remaining in the box with the oldest son. 
After I was on the plane, I pulled one out, put it on my face and the smell of the paper was disgusting.  It actually smelled like throw up.  I endured. 
While on my trip, I stopped at the local WM.  You know what that stands for, Wal Mart.
I found a box of 20 for just over $2.00, plus tax.  WHAT?!  Plus no throw up smell.
I messaged the oldest son to please bring the box with him when he picked me up on the return trip.  He did but we missed the Walgreen's where the purchase was made.  We ended up a completely different one near his house.  I got out thinking oh man, is this going to be a fight?
I walked in, both GRANDS in tow.  The Manager had just finished with a customer at the extra register.  She greeted me, was very kind.  I explained the problem with the masks and the odor.  She said, do you have your receipt, yes, of course, I made myself keep it.  She scanned the receipt, scanned the box, swiped my debit card and the money was credited back to me!!
No problems, no hassle, no out the cash.  Thank you, Walgreen's!
The money saving tip that has to do with receipts and money is keep ALL receipts on items that could possibly be returned.  Groceries, drugstore items, make up, clothes, keep them.  Make a receipt box, keep all year, mark the ones that are medical for tax returns or keep them separate but keep those little slips of paper.  Plus you will have them for those rebates you forget about.
Your money is your money.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


You know when you are a senior citizen when..... run a nice hot detox bath, grab the copy of last Sunday's comics....settle into the almost too hot water......
.......and realize you've forgotten your glasses.

Monday, February 17, 2014


The Hubbie and I are both sick at the same time.  Not good but hey it happens. 
No, I don't want to post anything so here is a picture of my poor toe, which I know the world has been waiting to see.  Yes, it does look worse since this picture was snapped.
Oh well, who cares, I think I'll just whine some more and see it that helps....grin...ouch...whine.

I wonder if there is a prize for whining on the web?


Friday, February 14, 2014


Minus the booze and stuff.....cuz I'm The Mom...grin.......but seconds changed your life! 

They are in the pjs because they've been to Walmart......Love you!


Thursday, February 13, 2014


This is a good Christian blog that has taught me several things about money, handling money and new information.  Yes, I have permission to use this link.
Check it out.  Pass it along to friends and family. 
We can all use information about our money these days!
This is a money saving tip for my readers. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Okay, I'm back from a week at our Daughter's home.  I miss them already!  Sniffle.
I am the clumsiest person I know!  Why you ask in wonderment?  Well here is the low down.....
The oldest son picked me up at the airport yesterday.  I spent the night at their house.  This morning I left to come home because the weather was suppose to be getting worse up there. 
As you know, I hate ice on roads!  Terrified is more like it.  But, I drove home anyway.  The right lane was the driest because all of the big trucks were using it.  There were four ahead of me, all traveling at a decent speed and all well within stopping distance of each other, if you know what I mean.  This is rare because big trucks tailgate each other on a daily basis!  Dumb!
So, I dropped in behind the last truck, many, many,  feet behind it in case I needed to stop.  I followed them through the mountains.  Alabama is flatter for the most part so I was not as fearful of sliding off of a mountain!  The lanes were damper though so when I hit the TN River bridge, I put on my flashers and slowed down!
Okay, made it home.  So thankful!
Unloading the car, after removing my shoes and putting on my slippers, of course. 
What did I do?  I stumped my big toe, left foot on the brick stair coming into the laundry room!  Ouch!  The entire nail split in half cross ways.  It immediately turned blue from the blood collecting!  Yes this nail is soon to be history. 
Not only did I fall almost four months ago and am possibly dealing with yet another torn rotator cuff on my left shoulder, but now my big toe is throbbing!  Remember that I fell in 2007 and had surgery on my right shoulder!!!!!
Whine, whine, whine!
Go back and read the title of this post.
Yep, that's me.
Should I post a pic of the toe? 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Well, what do you know?  Another Super Bowl has come and gone.  Did it bother me?  No.  Did I watch it even though The Hubbie recorded it?  No.  Is it a waste of my time?  Yes.  Is it too much of people worship?  Yes.
I am at the age that I pretty much do what I want to do when I want to do it.  I also do not do what I do not want to do.  Tongue tied?
Millions of dollars spent on a football game that apparently, from what I can tell on Facebook today and yesterday, was a total bomb, flop.
Life is too short and money is too little to waste on something like a football game.  No way would I consider it Super either.
My opinion is it's just a bunch of blah blah blah.
Nuff said.

Too much said....remove foot from mouth.  To some it is really Super.
Other than that.....HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!


I realize that I am not a fan, I am a woman, I do not get very interested in any kind of sport.  So, I digress.

Some, mostly manly mans, love the game.  If you do, hooray.  IF you go to games, including the Super Bowl, hooray.  I was on my soapbox again, a bit too much.

I do not have much testosterone.

Enjoy if it is for you.