Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Okay, I'm back from a week at our Daughter's home.  I miss them already!  Sniffle.
I am the clumsiest person I know!  Why you ask in wonderment?  Well here is the low down.....
The oldest son picked me up at the airport yesterday.  I spent the night at their house.  This morning I left to come home because the weather was suppose to be getting worse up there. 
As you know, I hate ice on roads!  Terrified is more like it.  But, I drove home anyway.  The right lane was the driest because all of the big trucks were using it.  There were four ahead of me, all traveling at a decent speed and all well within stopping distance of each other, if you know what I mean.  This is rare because big trucks tailgate each other on a daily basis!  Dumb!
So, I dropped in behind the last truck, many, many,  feet behind it in case I needed to stop.  I followed them through the mountains.  Alabama is flatter for the most part so I was not as fearful of sliding off of a mountain!  The lanes were damper though so when I hit the TN River bridge, I put on my flashers and slowed down!
Okay, made it home.  So thankful!
Unloading the car, after removing my shoes and putting on my slippers, of course. 
What did I do?  I stumped my big toe, left foot on the brick stair coming into the laundry room!  Ouch!  The entire nail split in half cross ways.  It immediately turned blue from the blood collecting!  Yes this nail is soon to be history. 
Not only did I fall almost four months ago and am possibly dealing with yet another torn rotator cuff on my left shoulder, but now my big toe is throbbing!  Remember that I fell in 2007 and had surgery on my right shoulder!!!!!
Whine, whine, whine!
Go back and read the title of this post.
Yep, that's me.
Should I post a pic of the toe? 

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Donald Fishgrab said...

Funny how things we didn't even notice when we were younger seem so major now isn't it?