Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's been awhile so here he is, just took it today.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Where in the world did that name come from, do you know? Was it because funerals were held in homes in our past years, like they are in other countries, still today? Is it because the process of burial was usually done at home? It is one of my least favorite places but a place we all end up unless there are strange circumstances at the end of one's life.

I made a quick trip to the near by big city to swoop up the GRAND baby after the visitation started. He was glad to see me and did not want me to put him down. I brought him to our house, he fell asleep on the way here, and PaPaw was able to bring him in, lay him in bed, without waking him up. He is worn out. So is his Mommy and his Daddy. Stress is difficult and can be felt by even the little little ones.

You see, tonight, was the viewing for our DIL's Daddy. He looked at peace. There were dozens of people waiting in line to pay their respects to his widow, our DIL's mother, and his family. He was truly a loved and respected man. I wish we had known him before he started being ill.

Someday we will play catch up but for now, it's....see you in the morning, are missed already.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The young son was here for a follow up visit after his surgery, recovering ahead of schedule and well pleased the doctor.
This is a picture of him, along with his girlfriend, peeking from behind his back. Now you know what my family looks like in living color.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Today, our DIL's Daddy passed away. His life has ended on this side but we will see him again someday.

Just as our time of birth is decided, so is the time of our death. It is not a mistake or an uhoh. It is specific, as specific and as individual as we are as people.

Today, his sun set but his life is just beginning on the other side with a bright new day.

RIP Richard.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


You might notice that the Google ads are back on my page. I am giving them a second try. As I posted before, there were advertisements that I did not like showing up on my blog. In an attempt to remove them, I have gone in, changed the settings, trying it again. If it becomes something I do not like, it's bye bye for good good, so keep it straight straight Google Google.

It's Sunday and you know what that means, time for church. So glad I rolled the hair last night because I am running beeeeeeehind.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Got chicken? Here's a delicious recipe that can be grilled outdoors, keeping the kitchen cool. It has been in my file for several years now so I cannot give credit as credit is due but I can share it with you.

1 package of wheat hamburger buns, preferably low calorie
Boneless chicken breasts, enough for one on each bun or enough to slice and put on each bun
Lawry's Teriyaki with pineapple juice marinade
Can of CocaCola
Sliced pineapple (fresh that you slice yourself or canned)
Green leaf lettuce
Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce Brown Sugar and Hickory

Marinate chicken in Lawry's and Coke for 30 minutes
Grill chicken and sliced pineapple on grill, low temp, till done
Slice tomato and tear lettuce
Build sandwich
Add bbq sauce
Finish with top bun

Yum, yum, yum.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday was my big 6 2 happy birthday, a good, quiet day BUT the GRAND baby is coming today so it will be another GRAND day. I love that little boy, figured that out though, didn't you?

I digress.

I signed up for several websites. One is Dairy Queen, another Ruby Tuesday, Denny's, and IHOP. Several days before my happy birthday, I started getting emails from these companies giving me gifts to celebrate my day.

Dairy Queen sent a BOGO Blizzard, wishing me a happy birthday, used it last night for supper. Ruby Tuesday sent a coupon for a free hamburger with fries, yum, again for my birthday. Denny's sent a coupon for a free Grand Slam meal, however, this one I am not using. It was for the day only since we had other plans, I just had to let this one go by, rats. Then the last one, IHOP, sent a coupon for free Rootie Tootie pancakes. Oh, forgot, Papa Murphy's Pizza sent a coupon for free chocolate chip cookie dough, big yum. Also Chili's, another big yum.

I could have eaten out FREE all day!

The coupons have dates on them past the birthday day, except Denny's, so I am going to spread them out! Why not stretch the party? Go for it, I say!

There is a photo of the coupon freebies but it's still on the camera, yet to be downloaded, when it is, I will edit and post it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today is my Happy Birthday Day. I've made it to the big 6 2 !!! The Hubbie is off so we are going out to do some Birthday shopping for ME!

myspace codes

Check back tomorrow for some Birthday freebie ideas.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You know you are a senior citizen when an exciting day is getting a good report from the periodontist. My life, today, my appointment, my mouth.

A good report was given to me on my gums and teeth. No disease, teeth are strong, not loose, healthy gums and healthy teeth. Woohoo.

I left the office almost walking on clouds. See if I live another twenty years, I would like to live it with my teeth.

It's a great day when you find out you are healthy, even if it's just a healthy mouth.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NEW BLOG a new blog that I am following. It is a combination of humor, political information and photos from the web. Copy and paste into the address bar because it is not an active link. Check it out, enjoy and follow along with me. Thanks.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I have become a pretty avid couponer in an effort to continue cutting back our expenses to be able to retire.

This past week, I was able to purchase $64 of different products at RiteAid for $24, yes, American dollars.

The Hubbie has applied for Social Security, which will up what I receive. The focus now is to continuing working on finding a part time job with health insurance.

How much do you pay for health insurance? Well, he is paying over $700 per month with his employer paying their part. He is working 1-1/2 weeks to pay his insurance.
Pretty startling, isn't it?

Some days this seems really far away, other days, not so far.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today I posted a video of the men's quartet at church on to this blog. I took the embedded code from my personal Facebook page. When I came to check it to see if it was still working, Facebook had put a block on it, requiring the reader to sign in or sign up for Facebook before you could view the video. Said video has been deleted and this explanation in it's place. I will post it again from my hard drive and Facebook will not be able to control or block it.

Tomorrow is Sunday already. Where do my weeks go? I must get more organized, spend less time on the web and get some stuff done around this house. I am continuing to conquer the junk around here, giving it away one pile at a time.

It will be Christmas before we know it.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Here are two gross photos of two different of my body parts, aren't you thrilled?

The first one is an update on my toes, ugh. The doctor, not my primary doctor, but the foot doc, butchered my toe nails. I went to a second one for another opinion. She said give it a year, don't think a year is going to help. Live and learn.

This one is of my eye boo boo, aren't I pitiful?

Thankful that the body heals.

Are you laughing? I thought it was pretty funny to post these, hope it didn't make you upchuck.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Poor little me, my left eye has a boo boo. Apparently it's a clogged duct that has to be scrapped off, today, at the doctor's office. Whoopee.

The doctor will give me a local and then come at my eye with a sharp instrument.

I asked for a calmer downer med because I would be 'all over this chair'. Request granted, one pill RX, interesting.

Pictures to follow, maybe, maybe not.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The young son had a follow up visit for his post op today. The appointment was at 9:15 AM, CST. We arrived early enough to sign in, sit down on the couch for a few minutes before he was called back into the exam room.

The doctor walked through his back entrance at 10:15 AM, CST, files and books in hand, a man following behind him carrying his freshly dry cleaned jackets, ties and lab coats. The doctor thanked the man, they exchanged good byes, same doctor walked directly into the son's exam room. Do you know that all doctors have back entrances? There may be a door in the hall that looks like a closet but it's a back entrance. Think about it, have you ever seen a doctor walk thru a waiting room? No, they don't want their patients to know when they arrive or when they leave so the back door works for them.

I was sitting in a chair opposite of the office entrance so the doctor spotted me, grinned, waved and continued to his office. He's a nice doctor, really, but, hello, one hour late? One lady ahead of the young son, came out of her exam room, rescheduled rather than waiting any longer.

While we were waiting, a very young lady, a bit heavy, as I am so it's okay to say, with glasses, walked into the office, signed in to see the doctor, had a nice purse, new shoes, blue jean shorts, a cool cell phone with a zebra cover and a red tshirt. She signed in and stated she was on Medicaid. Her bill for an office visit was $1, yes only $1. Our bill for one office visit is $60, a copay, yep, not even the whole bill, $60 American dollars as compared to $1 American dollar. We see the same doctor, pay 60 times what she does, well, actually more because our health insurance pays part, of course. Guess we pay her part, too.

We barely made it to my doctor appointment in the nearby bigger town but we made it. Tomorrow is the chiropractor for me, then back to the doctor from today on Thursday, what a week we will have visiting and paying doctors.

Any how, the young son is still in pain, unable to go back to work, taking pain meds as needed. We are glad to have his girlfriend here for a few hours so that's nice, too.

We were without water today, city repairing a water line, so we had Papa John's Pizza for supper, good excuse, any excuse will do to not cook.

The GRAND baby Skyped us, which is always great fun. I'm so glad we had kids so we can now have grandkids.

I also took a nap, today. I've taken a nap everyday this week, what's with that?

Almost forgot the tip for today, it's a money saver. I have been purchasing the new Purex washing sheets, with coupons. I read on a website that they can be cut into thirds and still do a great job on the laundry, remember, they also can be put into the dryer for static and softness control. I am so excited about this! The product does a great job getting clothes clean, now, if this works, it will be 1/3 the price per load. Gotta love it.

Doctors, naps, GRAND baby and laundry. Wow. It's the life of a retiree, what can I say?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Our young son is with us this week, having had surgery on Wednesday. He is having a bad night so I am up with him, waiting, making sure he is asleep before I go back to bed.

Surgery is very painful, especially on the third day, why, I don't know, but it seems to go that way for just about everyone.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm staying home with him, worried to not leave him alone, in case he has more pain.

He will recover, how long, don't know. It's hard to see one of your children, grown or otherwise, in pain.

The next few days may or may not include blogging but will have lots of mothering.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yep, just heard it on the radio, do you remember the dance? I do. I remember trying to do it for the first time, getting so tickled that I fell on the floor laughing. THEN, talked my mom into trying it and fell over again, she turned beet red.

It was a fun time in the world. I remember seeing Chubby Checker on Bandstand. He was named that because he was a bit chubby, a very young, nice black man. He did not have an afro, not the style at the time, no his hair was shiny, slicked down. He wore stick pants, straight legs and very nice shoes. What a smile!

Now, the dance that he made famous, the dance that changed the world of dance, is one half century old.

I think every American, maybe every person in the world, has tried to do The Twist. It's great fun, still, today. I think I'm going to try it for a few seconds. If you don't hear back from me for a while, you'll know why.

I'm at the chiropractor's.

--copied from the www

This picture is of Chubby Checker when he was older, less chubby, but still sharp, twisting. The dance that made him a world wide star for all these years.

It's great to have lived through those years, now being a senior, but still remembering.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Dixie is a wonderful place to live, mostly, except for summers like this summer.

Two years ago, we had temps of 104 for 10 days straight, many things died, shrubs, flowers, grass. The birds disappeared into the woods, when seen in the evenings and early mornings, they were panting, little mouths open, gasping the hot air.

Last summer was a wonderfully, pleasant summer, not near as hot or humid.

This summer, I'm afraid, is a repeat of the summer before last, very hot. In June, we were having August temps. Now, it's July and it is almost unbearable because of the humidity and high temp combos.

Today, there is a heat index warning, meaning watch out it's HOT. Plus the weather man gives the actual temp with a 'it feels like temp' which is always higher. Pretty dumb, my opinion.

You know it's hot when there is a heat index warning in the day AND at night.

Yep, we're being warned to be careful of the heat even though the sun is down and has been for hours.

We be sizzlin'......

Thursday, July 8, 2010


....taking one today too.....retirement is soothing.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today started early, lasted all day, with a nice nap in the middle. It's almost over now. Everything went well and no complaints, no worries, so far.

Here is a nice thought to end the day:

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well, I'm removing the Google ads from my little blog, had enough, I have, yep.

I'm always trying to find a way to make extra money in an effort to retire The Hubbie, but this is not worth it, nope.

There is some money in my account so I don't know what will happen to it, at this point it does not matter.

The Google ads are, at times, offensive to me personally because of some of the advertising. They advertise products that are not, never have been, a part of my life, so why start now?

So, bye bye Google ads, I could say it's been fun, but, honestly, it hasn't.

My opinion, of course.

Monday, July 5, 2010


I really enjoy it when there are 'extra' days off for The Hubbie. They are rare and few between but today is one of them. We've had a nice day, ate out on a BOGO coupon at a near by steakhouse, made a few stops along the way, home now, watching a long movie.

Today is Monday but it seems like Friday so does that mean Friday will be Monday?

Life is interesting, fun, with ups and downs. Today is an up. We're enjoying pretending to be retired. No work, no schedule, no worries. Could that ever get boring? Who knows but it sure would be fun to find out.

Sooner rather than later we are hoping it will happen.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010


One day last week, I made an all day, errand doing day, to the local bigger town. One of the stops being the local Staples. I needed an ink cartridge for the computer printer. Side note, I hate paying so much for ink but I ruined one printer by using refilled, recycled cartridges, I filled myself. No more, learned the lesson for sure.

As I was going into the Staples, coupon binder in hand, a lone woman, in a rickety old car, much like ones I have driven in the past, drove up to my car. I was opening and closing the trunk to my little zoom zoom.

She said she was out of gas, could I help. I refused. Why? Because she had a cigarette lighter in her hand, about to light one up. For as long as I can remember, I have always given something to someone like this woman, many times it was MY last dollar. I just hate seeing people suffer but probably have been scammed many more times than not.

Something in me bristled up. I saw the lighter and thought, if you can afford cigarettes, you can afford gas.

If it happened again, I would have the same response. This may not be the Christian thing to do but, hey, some things just get old.

Have a nice day and don't ask me for money if you are a smoker, just so you know.

Rant over, breathe.

Oh, by the way, she drove past a couple other ladies in the parking lot without asking them. Does that make sense? If you are really out of gas, about to be stranded, wouldn't you be desperate and ask everyone you saw?

Beware. Live and learn.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Copy and paste because it is not a link.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is a tshirt in a local store, in the local mall. It is something I have tried to do more than once but with my history of cancer, both parents dying from it, chemo survivor, the local blood bank will not take my blood.

Still, can you do it? It might save a life. Think about it, please.