Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yep, just heard it on the radio, do you remember the dance? I do. I remember trying to do it for the first time, getting so tickled that I fell on the floor laughing. THEN, talked my mom into trying it and fell over again, she turned beet red.

It was a fun time in the world. I remember seeing Chubby Checker on Bandstand. He was named that because he was a bit chubby, a very young, nice black man. He did not have an afro, not the style at the time, no his hair was shiny, slicked down. He wore stick pants, straight legs and very nice shoes. What a smile!

Now, the dance that he made famous, the dance that changed the world of dance, is one half century old.

I think every American, maybe every person in the world, has tried to do The Twist. It's great fun, still, today. I think I'm going to try it for a few seconds. If you don't hear back from me for a while, you'll know why.

I'm at the chiropractor's.

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This picture is of Chubby Checker when he was older, less chubby, but still sharp, twisting. The dance that made him a world wide star for all these years.

It's great to have lived through those years, now being a senior, but still remembering.

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