Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday was my big 6 2 happy birthday, a good, quiet day BUT the GRAND baby is coming today so it will be another GRAND day. I love that little boy, figured that out though, didn't you?

I digress.

I signed up for several websites. One is Dairy Queen, another Ruby Tuesday, Denny's, and IHOP. Several days before my happy birthday, I started getting emails from these companies giving me gifts to celebrate my day.

Dairy Queen sent a BOGO Blizzard, wishing me a happy birthday, used it last night for supper. Ruby Tuesday sent a coupon for a free hamburger with fries, yum, again for my birthday. Denny's sent a coupon for a free Grand Slam meal, however, this one I am not using. It was for the day only since we had other plans, I just had to let this one go by, rats. Then the last one, IHOP, sent a coupon for free Rootie Tootie pancakes. Oh, forgot, Papa Murphy's Pizza sent a coupon for free chocolate chip cookie dough, big yum. Also Chili's, another big yum.

I could have eaten out FREE all day!

The coupons have dates on them past the birthday day, except Denny's, so I am going to spread them out! Why not stretch the party? Go for it, I say!

There is a photo of the coupon freebies but it's still on the camera, yet to be downloaded, when it is, I will edit and post it.

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