Saturday, July 3, 2010


One day last week, I made an all day, errand doing day, to the local bigger town. One of the stops being the local Staples. I needed an ink cartridge for the computer printer. Side note, I hate paying so much for ink but I ruined one printer by using refilled, recycled cartridges, I filled myself. No more, learned the lesson for sure.

As I was going into the Staples, coupon binder in hand, a lone woman, in a rickety old car, much like ones I have driven in the past, drove up to my car. I was opening and closing the trunk to my little zoom zoom.

She said she was out of gas, could I help. I refused. Why? Because she had a cigarette lighter in her hand, about to light one up. For as long as I can remember, I have always given something to someone like this woman, many times it was MY last dollar. I just hate seeing people suffer but probably have been scammed many more times than not.

Something in me bristled up. I saw the lighter and thought, if you can afford cigarettes, you can afford gas.

If it happened again, I would have the same response. This may not be the Christian thing to do but, hey, some things just get old.

Have a nice day and don't ask me for money if you are a smoker, just so you know.

Rant over, breathe.

Oh, by the way, she drove past a couple other ladies in the parking lot without asking them. Does that make sense? If you are really out of gas, about to be stranded, wouldn't you be desperate and ask everyone you saw?

Beware. Live and learn.


Rachel said...

I know what you mean. I always struggle with requests like that too...and then I feel guilty. But still think I was right...but still feel guilty. It's a hopeless cycle.

Just stopping by from Alabama Bloggers to say hey!

Anonymous said...


Carol said...

I think it is against the law to beg in AL and gas may be cheaper than cigarettes. Who knows? Not me.

Thanks Rachel....come back any time.