Friday, July 9, 2010


Dixie is a wonderful place to live, mostly, except for summers like this summer.

Two years ago, we had temps of 104 for 10 days straight, many things died, shrubs, flowers, grass. The birds disappeared into the woods, when seen in the evenings and early mornings, they were panting, little mouths open, gasping the hot air.

Last summer was a wonderfully, pleasant summer, not near as hot or humid.

This summer, I'm afraid, is a repeat of the summer before last, very hot. In June, we were having August temps. Now, it's July and it is almost unbearable because of the humidity and high temp combos.

Today, there is a heat index warning, meaning watch out it's HOT. Plus the weather man gives the actual temp with a 'it feels like temp' which is always higher. Pretty dumb, my opinion.

You know it's hot when there is a heat index warning in the day AND at night.

Yep, we're being warned to be careful of the heat even though the sun is down and has been for hours.

We be sizzlin'......

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