Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The young son had a follow up visit for his post op today. The appointment was at 9:15 AM, CST. We arrived early enough to sign in, sit down on the couch for a few minutes before he was called back into the exam room.

The doctor walked through his back entrance at 10:15 AM, CST, files and books in hand, a man following behind him carrying his freshly dry cleaned jackets, ties and lab coats. The doctor thanked the man, they exchanged good byes, same doctor walked directly into the son's exam room. Do you know that all doctors have back entrances? There may be a door in the hall that looks like a closet but it's a back entrance. Think about it, have you ever seen a doctor walk thru a waiting room? No, they don't want their patients to know when they arrive or when they leave so the back door works for them.

I was sitting in a chair opposite of the office entrance so the doctor spotted me, grinned, waved and continued to his office. He's a nice doctor, really, but, hello, one hour late? One lady ahead of the young son, came out of her exam room, rescheduled rather than waiting any longer.

While we were waiting, a very young lady, a bit heavy, as I am so it's okay to say, with glasses, walked into the office, signed in to see the doctor, had a nice purse, new shoes, blue jean shorts, a cool cell phone with a zebra cover and a red tshirt. She signed in and stated she was on Medicaid. Her bill for an office visit was $1, yes only $1. Our bill for one office visit is $60, a copay, yep, not even the whole bill, $60 American dollars as compared to $1 American dollar. We see the same doctor, pay 60 times what she does, well, actually more because our health insurance pays part, of course. Guess we pay her part, too.

We barely made it to my doctor appointment in the nearby bigger town but we made it. Tomorrow is the chiropractor for me, then back to the doctor from today on Thursday, what a week we will have visiting and paying doctors.

Any how, the young son is still in pain, unable to go back to work, taking pain meds as needed. We are glad to have his girlfriend here for a few hours so that's nice, too.

We were without water today, city repairing a water line, so we had Papa John's Pizza for supper, good excuse, any excuse will do to not cook.

The GRAND baby Skyped us, which is always great fun. I'm so glad we had kids so we can now have grandkids.

I also took a nap, today. I've taken a nap everyday this week, what's with that?

Almost forgot the tip for today, it's a money saver. I have been purchasing the new Purex washing sheets, with coupons. I read on a website that they can be cut into thirds and still do a great job on the laundry, remember, they also can be put into the dryer for static and softness control. I am so excited about this! The product does a great job getting clothes clean, now, if this works, it will be 1/3 the price per load. Gotta love it.

Doctors, naps, GRAND baby and laundry. Wow. It's the life of a retiree, what can I say?


Dinah Soar said...

Doctors can be lame...I've experienced the same in small towns...in larger cities in larger practices they can't get by with that...too much competition...in a small town there are fewer doctors and often even fewer good doctors, so they do as they please. That is why I almost always travel to a nearby city for health care. My primary doctor clinic has a sign up 'if you wait longer than 20 minutes please notify the receptionist'. The odd time he does run behind he always apologizes. I appreciate that so much.

And yes...so many on medicaid have stuff I don't even have and yet we pay more and pay for theirs too. This will happen more and more as our nation becomes a socialist country. It is wrong.

Anonymous said...


Carol said...

He is a very nice doctor but he should communicate better with his staff as far as scheduling. He was not in surgery because he came in with files, books and dry cleaning. Sounds like a great idea to let the receptionist know how long you have waited!

I was shocked at the fee she paid! We saw the same doctor, same office, yes, wrong, because who is really paying the difference? The US Taxpayer.

I almost laughed. She was carrying a designer looking bag for a purse and I was carrying a free bag from my husband's job!

Carol said...

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