Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Yes, Dear Fellow Bloggers, this post is about, what else?  The Presidential Election for 2016.

I must admit I am pretty frustrated about the whole thing.  The candidates we have are just that, what we have. 

 Hillary and Donald. 

For those that do not live in this great country, America, they are being tagged as follows:

Hillary = Death to our Country

Donald = Life to our Country

Because, you see, one is a career politician, her.  One that has been a liar, a cheat, a thief and a failure.  She is a multi millionaire, or so they say.  Her wealth has come from scamming the world.

The other, him. is considered a successful businessman that has a wonderful family of grown children who are a shining beacon to his success as a father.  He is a Billionaire, or so they say.   His wealth has come from working. 

Although I must pause here and say that I am proud to be an American, a free woman, with the power to vote.  I look at the world, and all three are rare.  

This election has been a down and dirty dog fight.  The media, meaning TV, press and print, are all very biased towards her.  

It seems he is far out pacing her.  Google Trump rallies.  Then Google Clinton rallies.

He is drawing thousands upon thousands at every campaign stop.  She, on the other hand, can draw in about 300.  Her running mate, Kaine, had a rally in Florida.  The crowd...30.  That's a 3 and a 0.  

But the polls and the press is still putting her way ahead, even winning.  She acts as though she has this in the bag.


Is it really rigged?

Something is certainly rotten and it's not in Denmark.

I pray that God has mercy on our great land, the United States of America.

Only He can save us now.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016


What an insane, fast passing year this is, 2016!

wham bam thank you, mam.

It's quite the year!

The Hubby turned 69.  I, being much younger, will turn 68 this week.  

The older son turned 45.

The one and only daughter turns 39.

The younger son turns 30.

We have three wonderful in law kiddos but I don't have permission to reveal their ages but I can say I am happy they are part of our family!

The grands are growing up.  All three are now half years on the way to the next full one.  

Just stopped by to say we're still breathing.  Life is still happening.  We are still thankful.



Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Poor little blog.  Should you be or not be?  Should I give you up?  Should I keep going?  Oh the decisions of life.

2016 is here and quickly slipping away.  The old saying that life slows down when you get older does not apply.  It seems to speed up.  

So, I'm trying to decide if I should keep this little blog or not.  It is fun.  I do enjoy it.  It does take time.

Should I stay or should I go?  

Still thinking.....