Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It's Tuesday, People, time for a money saving tip!
The tip for today is to set limits on everything.
If you do not have money to eat out, do not eat out.
If you do not have money to buy clothes, do not buy clothes.
If you do not have money to spend on things like cable TV, do not have cable TV.
If you do not have money and are trying to get out of debt, save for retirement, save for college, whatever, then do not spend money.
It is hard for me to understand how those that always say they do not have money carry around a
smart phone.  Yes, there are deals, yes some only have that as a phone service, I understand. 
I do understand that people can get into debt because of illness or loss of job.  I am not throwing stones.  I understand life gets rough.
So, if you are in a rough patch, buckle down, and don't spend.  Think of ways you can cut your spending. 
Here is a small hint if you like soda/Cokes, etc.  CVS has great deals on their canned drinks every week.  One week it is Pepsi products, one week it is Coke products.  This past week,  purchased four cartons of Coke products for $15.00 and received $5.00 Extra Care Bucks back to spend another time. 
Do the math.
4 cartons, 98 drinks, $.15 per can.
What do you pay individually per can?  $.99?  $1.15?
Plus some would figure to take the $5.00 off but I don't do that in my counting.  It is not off the products for that day but a future purchase.
98 drinks for .99 each totals a whopping $97.02. 
Difference being $82.02 for drinks alone. 
You can always take one from the frig with you when you head out the door.  Put one in a cold lunch sack, etc.
 Think savings galore!
Do not spend what you do not have.
Happy Tuesday!

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