Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today's money saving tip has to do with receipts and money. 

Here is the story....on the latest trip to see our third GRAND, I asked that the oldest son make a stop so I could purchase one or two of those medical masks to wear on the plane.  There is so much sickness, I really did not want to pick up any thing on the trip.  We stopped at Walgreen's, which was on the way to the airport.
I jumped out, went inside thinking I would pick up a pack of two or three, cheap.  Nope, the only thing in stock was a 12 pack for, with tax, OVER $15.00!!  Really!  I put a box on my debit card, mumbling the entire time.  Ridiculous price, I was mumbling.
On to the airport.
I pulled out three....put in my purse...left the remaining in the box with the oldest son. 
After I was on the plane, I pulled one out, put it on my face and the smell of the paper was disgusting.  It actually smelled like throw up.  I endured. 
While on my trip, I stopped at the local WM.  You know what that stands for, Wal Mart.
I found a box of 20 for just over $2.00, plus tax.  WHAT?!  Plus no throw up smell.
I messaged the oldest son to please bring the box with him when he picked me up on the return trip.  He did but we missed the Walgreen's where the purchase was made.  We ended up a completely different one near his house.  I got out thinking oh man, is this going to be a fight?
I walked in, both GRANDS in tow.  The Manager had just finished with a customer at the extra register.  She greeted me, was very kind.  I explained the problem with the masks and the odor.  She said, do you have your receipt, yes, of course, I made myself keep it.  She scanned the receipt, scanned the box, swiped my debit card and the money was credited back to me!!
No problems, no hassle, no out the cash.  Thank you, Walgreen's!
The money saving tip that has to do with receipts and money is keep ALL receipts on items that could possibly be returned.  Groceries, drugstore items, make up, clothes, keep them.  Make a receipt box, keep all year, mark the ones that are medical for tax returns or keep them separate but keep those little slips of paper.  Plus you will have them for those rebates you forget about.
Your money is your money.

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