Thursday, February 20, 2014


Yes, I coupon.  No, I am not an extreme coupon-er.
I do not......
Have a stock pile bigger than a room in my house...
Go into a store and buy 900 deodorants or clear the store because they are 'free'...
Do not print off enough coupons each week that I end up having to buy a $70 printer cartridge....
Do not buy every paper on the shelf on Sunday or any other day...
Go from store to store only to use a tank of gas in the process...
There must be sanity to all of it, Dear Readers.
Today, I did get some good deals.  See the picture:

I went to two stores, Publix and Dollar Tree.  Publix was on the way to my Chiropractor in TN and the Dollar Tree is in our little town.
I was able to purchase 40 items.  The only one item that did not have a coupon was the pack of wash clothes in the front row. 
Here is the list:
lip gloss
Purell (2)
toothbrush (3)
Car Max lip care (2)
Hefty Slider bags (8)
Petridge Farm bread (2)
PowerAde (2)
Angel Soft (2)
Folgers French Vanilla Coffee (2)
A&W Root Beer (4)
All Free and Clear detergent (10)
These were BOGO, rain checks, coupons, store sale items.
I purchased 40 items for a total of $48.69 from both stores combined.
Remember I do not count tax because tax is not included on the coupons themselves.
It ended up that I paid ONLY $1.21 per item.  True some were more, some were less.  I totaled everything and divided by 40.  It's how I roll.
The reality is that 8 All detergents would total up to a cost of $47.92 at regular price.  You can say I paid for the 8 All and every thing else was free.
Either way you look at it, you get to save some cash by not spending your cash.
So, don't get so uptight  about couponing.  Just save where and how you can.
"I done good."  Someone is going to tell me.....

UPDATE ON THE BLAH BLAH BLAH POST.....if you are interested......grinning @ self.

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