Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Today is Tuesday which is also the day I attempt to give my readers a money saving tip.  Why?  To save money, honey.  The tip has to do with yard sales.
Saturday was our youngest son's 27th Happy Birthday.  We met him for brunch.  When we were finished, boy do I miss him, we headed back to the place that works on our cars.  The Hubbie had left his car there the night before so the struts and springs could be replaced. 
While working on the car, the mechanic broke one of the parts.  We had to go back to O'Reily's for an extra.  Then back to the garage, which by the way is Express Oil Change, a great company.  It would be another hour before the car would be ready.  We headed to the mall.  But, we spotted an estate sale by a small strip mall.  We pulled over.
The thing that caught my eye was the white metal shelf.  I thought it would be great for my laundry room.  The price tag was $3.

But the sale was almost over, it was getting Alabamie hot and the owner was dealing.  She said, make me an offer on anything.  I asked about the rack.  I'll take $1 for it.  Sold.  She said do you want anything else?  I'm dealing.  She showed me a large cardboard box full of stuff. 
I asked so this is like a grab bag, right?  She laughed and said you can say so.  She offered a large box for $2.  Sold, again.
This is what was in the box:

So, I bought all of this:

 ....for only $3.
Here is the hint:  Pay attention to the time the sale is suppose to end and go then.  The stuff that you are suppose to have is there because you are suppose to have it.  The sellers are ready to deal, ready to call it quits.   You win.
Good stuff that I can Ebay or share. 

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