Thursday, November 19, 2009

U. S. Navy Brat and the Bainbridge

I'm sitting here watching TV while the young son is sleeping in the recliner. He is home from the University, sick, again or still.

It is telling the story of the pirates that captured the ship last year, the hero captain, crew and how they were rescued by the U. S. Navy ship Bainbridge. It is giving me chills. It makes me proud that I have a connection to the U. S. Navy.

My Dad was a lifer. He spent 19 years, 20 something days, X number of hours serving his Country. He had it down to the minute but I don't remember it. It was trivial back then. I was a teenager and thought it was pretty silly. Now, it gives me a sense of pride in his service.

I never have had a normal life. I was born into the Navy and my first move was at 6 weeks old. I moved all my growing up years. It has good and bad points, of course, as does all of life. You know you only have so many years to be at a place so you get in, make friends, make do, bond with others in the same boat. You make the most of it. The hard part is the moving, leaving the life you have made, only to do it all over again at the next port of call.

True, there were bonds over the years but they have all been lost. There are no life long friends that we still talk or write. However, because of that experience, I know that if and when our paths would ever cross, we would still be friends. Friends not in touch. It's okay. I had a good life, although at the time I could only see the negatives. My family is my life now and I love it.

Being attached to the service is like everything else. It has pros and cons. I know of people that have never been out of the state they were born in until they were adults. It seems strange to me.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say I am thankful for my life connection to the Navy. It is a sense of pride for me. To the crew of this great Navy vessel, you are amazing. I would give you all a medal.

To my Dad, I say, Thanks, Dad, you did good.

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