Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Ha Ha Sunday

It was a bright, cool, sunny day in our part of Dixie today. The air was crisp with zero humidity. Church was great and everyone was very happy to be together.

As you know, I do mystery shopping to provide myself with spending cash. Today I had a scheduled grocery shop, which was accomplished, and submitted as required.

The other shop I had was a last minute, emergency, no one will do it for the scheduler, assignment. It was a tanning shop. I have never tanned any way other than in the sun with a swimsuit or the like on the body.

Today I went totally nuddie. I never never never thought I would do it but I did. It was a spray tan. You strip, step into the shower like enclosure, put your feet in position and the machine sprays up your body. The machine then tells you to change positions and sprays down the other side of the body.

It was cold but so much fun. I was there, all alone, locked in a room, not much bigger than a closet giggling away. It only took about 2 minutes but sure was fun. I like the way the tan turned out except there are places that are tanned now that have never seen sunshine.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a bright orange jacket for under $8, new. It's not one of my colors. I like orange and use to wear it until the whole season color thing hit the world stage. I am a winter and should never wear orange.

Phooey, I am 61 and have decided I can wear whatever color I want. I wore it to church last week and was told I looked pretty by more than one person. So, I'll wear it again.

As far as the tanning, I don't know if I will pay the $20 to do it on my own. You see, I will be reimbursed for this tan, as well as get a fee for doing the shop.

I did have a great giggle, all alone, me and myself, getting sprayed tan.

Who would have ever thunk it?

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Dinah Soar said...

Hahaha..that's great!!...yes, we are too old to not do things just because...and it's always good to break out of the ruts we put ourselves the orange's so sunny and cheerful!! Now, you must get a full body Swedish massage..I never thought I'd do that, but a few years ago did, because I found out you are naked, but totally covered the whole time..they only expose the area they are working about wonderful...oh my, there's nothing to compare to how relaxed you feel following.