Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wide Awake Started Dreaming

Last night I was so wired. Everyone went to bed around 8 PM CST. I was wide awake but went to bed to keep from making too much noise. I laid in bed, eyes opened, dreaming.

Does Santa have good, clean used RVs at the North Pole? I thought it would be great to sell just about everything we own, store my little Honda, some other stuff, hook up the Toyota and hit the road. The Hubbie and I could be retired hippies. We could visit long time friends, spread peace and love but no dope, ever. Only dopes do dope.

I would love to start in Florida to see Paul, a young man fighting for his life against cancer, scoot by and hug Trish and Bob's neck because they were there for us when we needed someone. Then head north to South Carolina to visit the daughter and Sil. He has some land near the Peach water tower in the upper part of the state and I think he would have an electrical outlet we could plug into for a few days.

Then, on to North Carolina where we have lots of friends in the Charlotte area, Raleigh and around other parts. I miss them all. We lived in that state for sixteen years and never made it to DC. DC would be our next stop then head to New York to visit a couple that gave us a home when we had no home. I would love to see them both.

All of this would only be phase one of the dream, it would be a huge loop to Kansas, Texas and back with the GRAND baby's area being home base. Our trip might look more like a daisy than a circle. We would have to see him regularly, of course.

See how far you can travel in a few minutes, via the dream world with your eyes still opened? zzzzzzzzzzzz

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