Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big Blue Chair

November, as posted earlier, was a difficult month. Several major things happened in our lives, including the oldest son being hospitalized because a blood clot had passed through his heart, broke into two pieces and lodged in his lung. He survived.

A sweet family in their church prepared Thanksgiving dinner for them and brought it to their house. The Son asked us to drive up and share it with them. Yes, we will come. It was a very nice dinner and even nicer because it was stress free.

While there, I was able to rock the GRAND baby in the big blue chair in his nursery. It is a very pretty chair and very comfortable.

There is a plan to rocking the GRAND baby to sleep. You must let him think he is in control and not going to sleep. Of course, Grammi wins and he sleeps. This time, instead of laying him down in a cold bed, I rocked him the entire nap. It was wonderfully peaceful as I thought about how life could have been so very different for all of us, including him, if the Son had not survived. I rocked and cried and rocked some more until the GRAND baby was rested and woke up.

So, I sat counting my blessings. They are many, as many as the number of rocks we took this Thanksgiving day in the big blue chair.

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Dinah Soar said...

It is a miracle that A is alive!! that is a true Thanksgiving blessing. Poor M--with her dad and this with A...a lot to endure.