Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nasty November

Yep, November, month #11, has been pretty nasty at our house.

The young son has been home from the University twice, sick. He has had strep, been to the family doctor three times and six RXs from the local drugstore. He is on the mend finally.

The first born, older son has been in the hospital with two blood clots in his lung. It has been an amazingly scary time for all of us. He has survived to be with his wife and 10 month old baby son. We are thankful.

Finally, I have been sick, sore throat, throwing up, fever. I wasn't able to go to the hospital to see the oldest son. It was difficult. I am improving and about back to normal.

The original plan for month #11 was to clean the house from top to bottom, one day and one project per day would do it. The month has come and gone with nothing done on the plan. The problem with house cleaning plans is they can always be done another day, much like Scarlett in Gone with the Wind.

A month full of ups and downs, one that is gone in a blink, can put the focus of the important things back in focus. Family is the important thing. Housecleaning can be done a bit over time.

So, the wish is, bye, bye November!


Dinah Soar said...

Didn't know oldest son was in hospital..is he o.k now?..sounds like you might have the flu...

Carol said...

He has two blot clots in his lung. I sent you an email but I can send another with more details.

Carol said...
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