Monday, November 9, 2009

Fort Hood Texas

Fort Hood Texas has a place in our lives. Hubbie and I were there when he was in the Army. Our first child was born at Darnall Army Hospital. We lived in a then small town close to the base called Coppers Cove. I worked at the local Junior College briefly but was let go when I began showing with the baby. Something like that would not happen today. There are laws against it but hey this was 1970.

Fort Hood is in pain today. Even though it is the largest base in the country, it is still a family. Everyone there is in the same boat. They are from all parts of the country and the world. They unite in times of trouble, in times of being alone and in times of happiness.

The man that murdered the brave soliders knew what he was doing. He knew the men at the center would be unarmed. He knew the times. He knew the process they were involved in doing. He knew they were sitting ducks. He intended to kill. He is a coward.

Thank the Good Lord for the hero police woman. She is now famous. She deserves every praise she is given. Her story will be told for decades.

This blog is praying for peace and comfort to the families of the fallen. Their lives will never be the same but our hearts are with them all.

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