Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We were out of town for several days and are back now, a day early, boo.

Our only daughter and only SIL were going to fly me on a jet plane to their house for the Mother Day weekend and a few days after that weekend.  Since The Hubbie was out of work, I suggested we both go and drive.  It worked, we left Friday, returned today but were not suppose to come back till tomorrow.  There was a scheduling mix-up, boohoo.  We're home, unpacked the car, watching TV, I now be blogging!

We ate out lots, she took me to her beauty salon for highlights in my hair, first time ever in my life!!  SIL took me to a local nail salon for a pedicure, first time ever in my life!!!  They treated me so nice and I loved it, helps the self image, feeling valued, pampered, days of fun, going, doing!!  

Maybe I should post some pics?!  I came home with new hair, glowing toenails, a flashy green purse, a new antique necklace, a new dress, two pants outfits, pretty white cover up from Hamrick's, stuff to Ebay, stuff to share with the GRANDS, a new/old suitcase nicer than one I've ever had plus more!

While we were there, we got to help decorate the nursery for the soon to be GRAND daughter from China!  

Plus we had an early Happy 65th Birthday party for The Hubbie, decided to have it there and a family dinner here closer to the actual date.  He was totally surprised.  We reconnected with friends, from long ago and some we saw just last year, great day and fun!!

It was a great few days but went by way too fast!  It's wonderful to visit relatives and feel like you've been on a real vacation!!

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