Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Last week I received an email to sign up for a website.  I was given one $10 credit.  I used the credit for a new pair of shoes with free shipping!  This is a great place to get good deals for quality products!  Sign up today and you can get in on the action.
This is the website link: 
The company is Beyond the Rack. 
I'm hooked.
This is not a scam nor is it a trap.  It's legit and has some really cute things on it to buy!  These are the shoes that I bought.

They were free!  No tax, no shipping with my $10 credit, $.01 balance to my new account.  PLUS, an email arrived this morning saying they are already shipped!  Order was placed this past Sunday night!  Win win.
Yeah, they're shiny.  I'm breaking out of my old grandmother ways!  Woohoo!  Second childhood here I come.  Oh wait, I'm already there!  Now to dress the part...
Merry Christmas to Me!

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