Monday, December 2, 2013


Here is a list of the few things I do to make extra money for myself and my family:
Mystery shopping - started in 2001; prove yourself, be honest and you can get assignments in your Inbox.  You must be willing to do the report, which varies in length.  The drawback is if you do not do the required steps for the shop, you will not get paid.
Selling metal - there is a metal recycling plant in our little town that accepts everything from old cars to empty drink cans.  The drawback is having enough metal so I go when I have a load to sell.
Couponing - if you read this blog, you've seen how this works.  I am NOT an extreme coupon er but I do have a weekly goal of saving 50% on groceries, etc.  The drawback is having a coupon for weekly items and taking the time to work them, clipping, organizing, etc.
Thrift stores - we needed two ugly sweaters for a Christmas party, I found two for $1 each.  The drawback is most of it is used, rarely do you find something with the tags still on the item.
TV - yeah, watch TV.  I learn so much from shows like What Not to Wear, wish I could have been on that show before it quit. 
Internet - youtube dot com has all kinds of money saving, craft making, learn to diy videos that can really help save cash so you keep cash.
Banking - for years we banked at the big green bike bank until it got too big for it's britches.  We went across the street to a local bank and opened two accounts.  We are paid interest on our balance each month plus can get free gifts from points we accumulate.  Win, win.  I love the fact that the bank people know me, some call me by name. 
Consignment shop - finally found an honest consignment shop owner.  I have been ripped off by the other two.  Not making a load of cash but making some.  Why not sell stuff we are not using?!
Ebay - this takes time, requires stuff but is an easy way to downsize plus put money in the cash jar. 
Time to go do a shop. 


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