Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Years ago, I went dumpster diving.  Not into a trashy trash dumpster but into one behind a near by carpet company.  The company had thrown away several huge books of sample carpets.  Remember those?  Maybe they still exist and you can ask for them for free.
I was able to get enough that covered the floor of my young son's bedroom floor.  It looked like a huge patchwork quilt.  Didn't attach it to the floor, nope, attached it to an indoor outdoor carpet that was available, cut to the size of the room.
So, if you are young enough, brave enough and desperate enough, go dumpster diving.  Check with the owner of the dumpster first just to be on the safe side legally.  Or go after hours, grin. 
You will get free stuff but it is still a dumpster. 
Maybe pick out one of those recycling deals where everything in it is suppose to be paper.  It would be awful to come out smelling like garbage.
Or do like I did years ago, pick out a retail store that doesn't have goopy garbage in their dumpster and dive away!    Okay, I'm done.
Happy Tuesday!

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