Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday, I was thinking to myself about some happenings in our past life. The phrase came to my mind, everything rises and falls on leadership.

For years, I thought that it was a prideful thing to say. It was from a man who had way too much pride for one human being. I always thought it was to give himself credit for building the organization. It was his and his alone. He was the reason it was successful. He was the reason it was built. He was the reason it was so big.

However, I beg to differ with that idea now. I realized that true, it takes leadership to build something but no one builds anything alone. There are always others. There are other branches of the organization that add to the size and depth. The organization is the size it is because of these other branches

I realized, too, that if an organization has leadership and that leadership is replaced, whether by choice or by force, there is no way that things will continue as they have in years past. Why? It's simple, it's the absence of leadership that did the building!

I realized that it did not mean that life is not successful. It does not mean that there have not been long term good influences. It only means that if you take away the leadership that built the organization, it will not survive or be the same for that reason. There is a change in the leadership. It was taken away so the fall happens.

It was a big comfort and sigh of relief for me but it probably just sounds like double talk to you. Ooops.

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