Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yawn Saturday

Yep, yawning this early Saturday morning, I am.

Last night I went for a sleep study at the near by local hospital. It was suppose to be a one night study with observation in the first half and cpap the second half. The tech told me I did not have enough episodes so may have to come back for night two. Bummer. The doctor will call me and we will go from there. It was suppose to be one night that has turned into two.

When I left the hospital, walked outside, there was snow everywhere. On the car windows, hood, ground, signs, everywhere. Being the unyankee that I am, I sat in the car for a few minutes, heat on, hoping not to have to scrape the windows. Of course, it didn't work. I had to scrape the windows. It all melted much quickly after the snow/ice was off.

I drove thru Hardee's for breakfast then headed to the house.

There was a pick up truck overturned on the way home. I called 911 who said they were on their way. The driver was still in the truck, upside down. There was another trucker who was helping so I moved on since the location of the accident was in a very difficult place which could have caused another accident. I hope the driver is okay.

Now, I am home with one load of laundry done, blogging, and headed to the shower then a morning nap.

I was given a sleep aid and still feel sleepy. So, it is a yawn Saturday, a beautiful, snow on the ground Saturday!

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