Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunshine Day

Dixie has sunshine today.

I was watching the news today about the huge snow storm in the north east part of the Country. It was unbelievable how much white stuff was on the ground, on cars, on houses. It was everywhere. It covered up cars parked beside the road. It made me feel cold just watching it.

It has been cold in Dixie the last few days but we do have sunshine today. It's beautiful and we are enjoying it.

So, this is Christmas week. The to do list is about conquered. There is baking to do after the groceries are bought. All of that will come in the next day or so. The problem with baking too early is that it never tastes as good if it is a day or so old as it does when it is fresh. The other problem is it may or may not be here when it is suppose to be served. It gets eatten. Not at all at once but a bite at a time.

It doesn't really feel like it should be Christmas 2009. The year has evaporated right before our eyes.

What happened to January, Feburary, and May? ;)

1 comment:

Dinah Soar said...

I'm with you..baking early means eating/tasting early..nothing left to look forward too...