Friday, December 4, 2009

Climate Gate

Remember Watergate? It was a break in by some of Richard Nixon's associates. It was to retrieve information from the Democratic headquarters. They were caught and it eventually brought down a President.

Climate gate is spilling the beans on the global warming lie. The world has been scammed and millions have fell for it.

Now, it has been discovered that graphs have been faked. Emails have been covered up admitting the fraud. The so called proof was actually taken from 3, yes only 3 tress, in one field, supposedly proving we are destroying the planet.

People have sent money to balance out their carbon foot print. What insanity!! Anyone that has fallen for this scam should be embarrassed.

Thankfully, I am not one of them. I know that man cannot change the weather. Man cannot stop a storm or a flood. Man cannot change the temperature of the weather by one degree. There is only one power that can do that. It is not man. It is not Al Gore, or Obama, or Madonna, or any other human.

So stop buying the green light bulbs, etc. The entire green movement is only a way that the government wants to control our lives.

People should go to jail for the fraud of climate gate, too, just as they did for Watergate many years ago.

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