Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to clean a dirty kitchen floor

Today's post is a household hint. It is one that I discovered 12 years ago when attending a Newcomers meeting in our little town. It's hard to believe we have been here 12 years but we have.

The speaker for that meeting was a professional house cleaner. She had her own business with multiple employees, office, a phone, computer, the whole nine yards.

This is the hint, complete with a picture.

When cleaning a floor with water, never, never put your mop back into the cleaning water without rinsing it first.

I put water with floor cleaner into the right side sink (r) and clean water in the left side sink (l).

Step one....put your mop into the cleaner water (r), mop an area of the floor.

Step two...put your mop into the clean rinse water (l) in the left side sink, go over the just mopped area with the clean water.

Step three...put your mop back into the clean rinse water (l), squeeze out excess water, before putting it into the cleaner water (r), mop more of the floor.

Step four....put your mop back into the clean rinse water (l), squeeze out excess water, rinse the just mopped area.

The whole idea is to always rinse your mop after cleaning, rinse, go over the floor again, rinse.

You will notice that your rinse water ends up dirtier than your cleaning water!

Your floor will be cleaner because you are rinsing (l) off the dirt that has been lifted by the cleaning water (r).

When I do my entire house, I end up changing the rinse water (l) several times because it is so very dirty. The cleaning water (r) is good for the entire time.

The picture is after just one rinse of a small area of kitchen floor.

It is a bit of extra work but your floor will stay clean longer, leading to less work, and feel so much better on your non pink bunny slippered feet (when you walk around the house barefooted).

Try it. It works.

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