Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Retirement 911

Hummmmm....I'm sitting here wondering what to post on my blog. I thought about an old recipe but changed my mind. I thought about just posting that I could not think of anything to blog about and leave it at that but I changed my mind on that, too.

Today, Hubbie is off from work. Normally he is off on Thursday but this week he is off on Wednesday. We accomplished the normal day off stuff. He paid the bills, I did the online stuff for him. We ate lunch out. He is taking a nap. I am on the web.

While at lunch, we discussed retirement again. It seems that we should be much further ahead than we are now. After all, we have been married for 42 years. He was in ministry for 30 years (no retirement from these years). He has worked at his present company for 11 years (some retirement from these years). Still, we are behind.

I am wondering how to cut down or rather back our living expenses so we can live on what he does have for retirement. It is quite the juggling act.

We listed the things that we could do and the things that we would still need to have when in retirement like food, gas, utilities, etc. Of course, our need list was bigger. It was the the dollar difference that was the problem, it was the basics that came up to more than the amount of cash that is available.

So, I'm posting this question.

Do you have any websites that would help us tweak our retirement? I would love to learn how others have and are doing it!

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