Monday, December 28, 2009


Today is Monday and I am distracted.

A dear friend's daughter, only 15, is having heart surgery. It is a long ordeal for her and the family. I wish I was there to hold my friend's hand. Miles are mean some days.

Something else is on my mind, as well. Waiting stinks. Dragging day.

The year is almost over but this day seems like an eternity.

Good news to follow, we are hoping, praying.

UPDATE: The oldest son went for tests cancer found...PTL.
Waiting on news for the friend's daughter...the six hr surgery turned into much longer!!!!!
The friend's daughter is out of surgery. It lasted 9 hours. There were more problems than first realized. She is awake, joking, asking how she looks, typical 15year old, don't you think? Another EKG will be run in the morning, if that is fine, she will go home tomorrow afternoon. We are thrilled and relieved.

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