Saturday, December 26, 2009

We Are Family

Christmas has come and gone. Gifts are exchanged. The tree is undecorated but still up, waiting to be put in the box, then transported to the attic.

The oldest son and his family are back at their house in the state north of our state.

The only daughter and her husband are here, packing, moving to the master/guest bedroom, loading the truck, before heading east to their house tomorrow.

The young son is here for another week or so until heading back to his university town.

The Hubbie and I are settled in and enjoying the break but things return to normal on Monday.

We were in the local big box W store today for a few more groceries and to check on the after Christmas sales. Every checkout lane was opened with a line of customers in each one.

There was one lane opened that only had two other customers ahead of us. The light was not on in this particular lane so I asked the lady ahead of me if this lane was opened. She said as far as she knew. After she had all of her items on the checkout belt, she asked the cashier if she was open or closing. No, I am open, why? Your light is not on. Oh, she forgot to turn it on when she opened that lane.

Nice, I thought, this will be short. The Hubbie was waiting in the 10 items or less lane. I called out and waved for him to come to my lane. He did.

The lady just ahead of me had two young boys with her, maybe preteens. The cashier was very friendly and asked if they got everything they wanted for Christmas. The mom looked at them, said, yes, and more. They both shook their heads positive, yes, they did and more.

I joked, well, the new list beings today, for next year. I startled myself when I realized my mindset was to start over immediately after the Christmas holiday.

Am I the only one that starts thinking about next year's Christmas before the tree from this year is even down?

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